Monday, April 22, 2019

Cameroon: Franceé Unspoken support to Paul Bìya

We would like the latest French interference in the internal affairs of Cameroon is only the fact of two racist French deputies, grateful vis-à-vis the Cameroonian regime that knows so well play the vending machines of the Cameroonian wealth to French lobbyists. Which, to deserve their "salary", are ashamed to offend by their public support a Cameroonian people that one of the cruelest and most senile dictatorships in Africa is still bleeding.

But where were they, the deputies of the French Left? Where were they, those of the Republican Right and the Liberal Center?Where were these French deputies bearing the causes and struggles of the free world, who still claim to struggle to prevent the extreme-rights from covering the world with the thick veil of obscurantism? Where were they when right-wing MEPs Jean-Luc Schaffhauser and Dominique Bilde strove to make the world believe that Cameroon, a country that has succeeded in half a decade a haven of peace, from a cemetery to a boiling country, plunged into an extremely deadly civil war in its western Anglophone part, and another civil war, obviously inescapable, which is currently brooding in hearts - but whose outbreak, if the plan of the regime is realized-will be simply apocalyptic, is an eldorado despite the echoes around the world of a stupid, nasty and horrible governance that has made its bed.

To our knowledge, and we would really like to abuse it, it turns out that in the European Parliament, on April 18, 2019, no other French MEP from another political group dared to bring the contradiction to Jean-Luc Schaffhauser and Dominique Bilde. Logical deduction, It is the position of France which was defended by the two "lepenists".

And this position of France, it was that no one had to lift any finger, on pain of being accused of interference- when Biya reduces millions of human beings to servitude, prepares an ethnic pogrom whose words of his relatives and nationals of his ethnicity are daily threats to the opposition now abusively taken by them under the figure of a Bamileke ethnic group that France had already treated as "pebble in the shoe of Cameroon", and prevents his opponents guns at the temple, to dare the slightest audible protest, when he does not lock them up in his prisons and make them endorse imaginary crimes.

The position of France, we know, is that it is not necessary that someone venture to put his nose in this pandemonium called Cameroon for fear of discovering the degree of decay. But the pretext taken to distance the eyes of those who call only to a revival of humanism of Cameroonian leaders is rather strong coffee: the principle of non-interference

A large formulas of hypocritically felt and beautifully declaimed jeremiads, the most imperialist of Western "powers", France, finally discovered that it is necessary to accompany all countries bending under the evil grip of ferocious dictatorships in their process of democratization, said process must last several lives. That Western donors of lessons in democracy are none other than exploiters who orchestrate crises to satiate their thirst for African raw materials...

And that to correct this injustice, these war democrats and war contractors, should appropriate the immutable notion of non-interference in the affairs of independent and sovereign states.

We think we dream! Is France doing self-deprecation? Has she become amnesiac to the point of forgetting that she has so far lived only through grace and at the expense of the nations of the world in general, and of Africa in particular, in the "internal affairs" of which she has always ingested with weapons and luggage?

- Is not this France that supported the former Tunisian dictator Ben Ali at the height of the inaugural episode of the Arab Spring, not to let go after the final victory of the people of Tunisia materialized by the flight of tyrant?

- Where was the principle of non-interference when France intervened in Libya putting it in the position that continues to be that of this country 8 years later?

- Has France not supported and armed the genocidaires in Rwanda, which considers that it is in Africa a colonial power with no limit?

- Who has forgotten the highly bloody role of France in the Biafra Civil War, which was finally only one of the biggest genocides of the years in Africa?

- The genocide Bamileke and Bassa of the years 1950-1960 that the Franco-French regime of Biya prepares again today, may be unwittingly, perhaps because well advised by France, was it not the work of France, country of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity?

- Is not France the country that has tried with all its might to fire the powder in the DRC, or even to put this country to fire and blood because the head of the candidate declared elected to the presidential election of 30 December 2018 did not come back to him?

- Among the crimes that the French interference may have occasioned in Africa, is there not the orchestration by France of two coups in Côte d'Ivoire against the regime of the Socialist Laurent Gbagbo less two years after his arrival in power, and their transfer into a long and interminable rebellion that ended only with the final overthrow by the same France, under the crackling of television cameras of the world, the Gbagbo regime, the 11 April 2011?

- France, by this solitary exit on Cameroon to the European Parliament did not it confirm the thesis that it remains this big parasite in the bowels of Africa, which can exist only by clinging to the continent "cradle of humanity" to suck the blood, incapable that it is to assert itself as the Germans, the Italians who are built by themselves.

Questions and many others that many observers, without necessarily being experts of international politics and world geopolitics, posed, Thursday, April 18, 2019, after the "artistic" performance of two French deputies in the European Parliament, enjoying of the benefits of democracy which allows them to express themselves, but roaring wildly against those of their colleagues who have the unfortunate inatelligence to believe that the peoples of Africa also have the right to do the same.

Indeed, in a hemicycle in Strasbourg where, on Thursday, 19 European political figures raised their voices to call for a simply human exercise of state power in Cameroon by a promising head of state (rigor, moralization, freedom, prosperity, peace have passed through there), but become calamitous - despite him (?) if one sticks to a rehashed version according to which it is his entourage who is evil and not him- and an army of stupid, who by dint of seeing the Cameroonians slavishly slam the backbone, with bad grace, under the abuse inflicted upon him, has come to believe that it will be enough that "the reason of State" is invoked in time and out of season so that this people may resign themselves to their own supremacy, to conceive that the exercise of their individual or collective liberties would remain dependent on the magnanimity of the satrap and his infantrymen, or, if they were not, flatly trampled. Unless they resolved that the greatest threat to their security was embodied by a president of the republic and an army yet supposed to guarantee it, two brave deputies, Jean-Luc Schaffhauser and Dominique Bilde had the unfortunate and mocking idea of ​​furiously defending a tropical satrapy whose metabolism must have been returned to be portrayed under the honeyed days of a regime at the head of a "country of stability".

Globovision, the peoples of the world were entitled to the indictment of two prosecutors (parliamentarians) French instructing the trial of true democracy (which is certainly not a panacea but is nonetheless a solid base for pooling the efforts of a people anxious to attain the noble and common goal of national construction, everyone and everyone feeling free to bring their- stone to the edifice without being stigmatized, ostracized-s - repressed or stifled for no other reason than that of the strongest, because democracy is the only system where the law applies in all its rigor to all, powerful and weak) and adoubant democracy rigged and dose homeopathic imposed on Cameroonians by illegitimate rulers who proclaim their Machiavellian pride of having achieved the feat, in the face of a people paralyzed and anesthetized by the fear of being massacred, to dilute the active substance of the real democracy da the idea of ​​preserving their own selfish interests, so that the democratic "toxin" does not produce symptoms similar to those of the targeted disease: the revolution against the internal boiling of revolt..

France and the habit bad interferences

As the French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian congratulating last November on the re-election "by the republican institutions" of Paul Biya, while in France, at least since the advent of the Fifth Republic, About 80 years ago, the representatives of the people (President of the Republic, deputies, senators, regional councilors, municipal and others) are chosen by voters -as France seems to ban Cameroonians-, the two French deputies of Extreme - who have given themselves a show Thursday at the European Parliament and that no one else can qualify as freezers, since no other parliamentary fra However, the fact that they belong to a political edge deemed more reasonable has not dared to contradict them, thus giving the indisputable feeling that France is speaking with one voice about the ongoing Cameroon tragedy, have made it clear that any voice inclined to to suggest that Cameroon deserved better than the more or less systematic arrests and torture of the hundreds of people known to oppose a regime, the murders of thousands of people, the fires of homes, fields, villages, hospitals, schools or markets, the kidnapping of people, whether by government forces or armed separatist groups, the exile of hundreds of thousands of people, could only be an intrusion and interference.

No need to recall that to adore a regime that humiliates, tortures and massacres a people or a part of the people whose business it is responsible for managing, under the pretext that it does less harm than the others (CQFD), and invite the nations of the world and the Cameroonians themselves to write off the thousands of useless deaths that have fallen on the fringes of the struggle for liberties over the last thirty years is to show more than condescending, criminal interference!

An interference which, if it aims to make the yoke of tyranny on the Cameroonians more burdensome, on the one hand, only adds to the other hand, on the other hand, to the great account that France and the African peoples in General and Cameroonian in particular, will have to pay when the time comes

When France coughs, Africa gets cold, it is necessary to stop it!

The French master François Mitterrand had ordered that as far as democracy in Africa is concerned, everyone should go at their own pace in terms of democratization, Biya, like many other French autocrats (Eyadema in Togo, Bongo in Gabon, Houphouet in Côte d 'Ivoire, Habré in Chad, Compaoré in Burkina, Ben Ali in Tunisia, Traoré in Mali...), opted to go backwards instead of stalling. Personal "rhythm" question. Only death, coups d'état and other popular uprisings were able to overcome some of them and free their peoples, showing the effectiveness of horse treatment that France says abhor each time it comes aspirations of the Cameroonian people to freedom and dignity. On the other hand, French-speaking African countries, not very well known for the effusions of good feelings of their leaders with those of France, went there at a rate that makes them today models to copy despite some errors, and returns to France. (as we have known in countries of the old democratic tradition or as we know it today (the case of the United States or South Africa which are examples of democratic countries where the mode the appointment of the President of the President of the Republic does not shine by its popular character, but has the merit of being accepted by the majority of the citizens of these countries-) In this respect, the Benin of General Mathieu Kérékou and the Niger of General Ali Saibou took a resolute option that put their countries on a solid track of democracy such as the attempts of some to bring these countries back on the paths of authoritarianism met painfully against the determination of peoples not to go back.

In Niger, Ibrahim Bare Mainassaara even paid with his life, his ambition to pass for the indispensable and providential statesman without whom Niger would stop breathing. One of his successors, Mamadou Tandja, made the bitter experience of everyone's rejection of the Machiavellian attempt to be "exceptionally" granted a third term. In Benin, Thomas Boni Yayi had to put away his ambitions for a third term ... which was to allow him to complete what we do not know.

Jacques Chirac proclaimed that Africa was not ripe for democracy, the regime in place in Cameroon exclaimed "Adopted!!!".

Since then, this regime of primitives has done nothing but seriner to the forbidden citizens of modernity of this country that the only democracy which they had the duty to be satisfied was that of the dictatorship: dictatorship in the North, dictatorship in the South , dictatorship everywhere, in the East, in the West, in the center, so that 30 years after the attempt of liberalization of the political space in Cameroon, the political situation is worse than at the time when Cameroonians did not have the right to open it: where the law requires a declaration of public manifestation, only those who sing the praises of the dictator have the right to declare their demonstration to a careerist and opportunist subprefect who will also very much to participate in the meeting and to applaud the reading of the "motion of support and deference to His Excellency President Paul Biya, Head of State, Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces, National President of CPDM ", while at the same time, prefects, governors, or even a whole minister of the Territorial Administration -supplying the sub-prefect to whom the law confers the power to receive declaration of public manifestation, to issue a receipt and possibly to Reorienting the route or banning it - can mobilize to ban the declaration of an opposition rally, of which they have only heard about the programming through the media.

Sarkozy is the only French leader to have tried by a few pouting to put the Biya regime in quarantine, but was too compromised by the illegitimacy of the enterprise of persecution of Laurent Gbagbo in Ivory Coast that he had inherited from Chirac that nobody in Cameroon thought it appropriate to follow him, whereas for once, it was an interference in the direction of the aspirations of a people whose massacre of a few hundred individuals in February 2008, for the Preventing the removal of the presidential term limits clause had moved the whole world, even though the regime claimed to have put down riots of hunger.A bit like saying, "you got up because you were hungry, look how you were treated and imagine what will happen if you rise up against power."

His successor Hollande, better known in Cameroon under the pseudonym "François le mou" tried certainly to put back the suspenders to the torturer regime and to obtain some releases of political prisoners, but was stopped in his pursuits rights-of-the-homosexual by the consequences a few hostage takings attributed to Boko Haram to show that Cameroon is a country that must be constantly held on leash, so that French citizens can feel safe. He ended by convincing himself of the day when the dictator of Cameroon indirectly told him that "does not last in the power that wants, but lasts to the power that can".

Since then, France, which has always put the wrong side of history with regard to Cameroon, is convinced that as long as the old "can" massacre and imprison his subjects, it is that everything goes for the best in the best of worlds. Too bad, if in front of him, someone "wants" to change paradigm and leave with the Cameroonians on a new basis.

Unhappy France, who, every time she takes the stone, lets herself be seen by the birds she wants to shoot.