Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Cameroon - Anglophone crisis: Paul Biya could (finally) open a dialogue with secessionists

The information comes from a very popular source from the French newspaper Le Monde.

The English crisis has taken the face of a dirty war in camera, with its share of atrocities, destroyed villages, alleged accomplices of a camp or the other executed, racketeering of the few entrepreneurs still active in the area and kidnap for ransom.

According to the UN, 437,000 people were internally displaced by the conflict and another 32,000 fled to Nigeria.

A situation that has become very worrying for Western chancelleries. Indeed, to believe the French newspaper Le Monde, negotiations, secret to preserve the pride of both sides, could open at a date and place still unknown. "The Western countries are exasperated by the level of violence of the Cameroonian forces and, if Yaoundé refuses to dialogue, the Americans consider individual sanctions against personalities of power," says the French daily a personality invested on this issue.

The latter also reports that the Cameroonian authorities could no longer benefit from the protective umbrella of Paris: "France, which has always been supportive of the government, is embarrassed.After his reelection, Biya has led the French to believe a government reshuffle in depth, from which the hawks would be excluded, and the creation of an independent commission to surround negotiations with the Anglophones. France then lobbied to curb the chancelleries who were on a harder line. to see that power has rolled the French into flour ".