Friday, April 5, 2019

Buea: a gendarme reported murdered a week to his wedding

Warrant Officer Ngankeu Ngatcha Robenson, 38, succumbed to an attack by English-speaking separatist militiamen at the Ombe truck checkpoint in Buea, South West Region. It was yesterday, June 21, 2018.

Warrant Officer Ngankeu Ngatcha Robenson will never know the joy of being put on the ring by his fiancée. Indeed, yesterday Thursday, the secessionist fighters of the ghost state of Ambazonia, have ended his dream of getting married on June 30, at the Yaoundé 2 town hall in Tsinga. The senior non-commissioned officer is now waiting for his funeral program in a morgue. Killed as he was, by the "Ambazonian" militiamen.

Scheduled for Saturday, June 30, 2018 at 10 am with the beautiful Ndawa Jocelyne Sandrine, the marriage of Adjutant Ngankeu Ngatcha Robenson, will never again take place in this land of the living. This is how sad, goes this brave son Bana Bazou (Western Region), and promoter of the hotel Mbatchou Palace sis Bazou place after festivals.

Between indignation, regrets, misunderstanding and condolences to the family so severely tested, and especially to Jocelyne Sandrine alone with the children, your online newspaper offers you: the photo of Warrant Officer Ngankeu Ngatcha Robenson, his hotel complex, as well as the invitation ticket to the wedding already given to the guests.

Strongly, that end this dirty war incestuous, shameless, murderous and satanic that sees the sons of the same country kill themselves with a coldness and indifference that ice veins! Whether civilian or military (no matter who are Cameroonians who die), one more death is one more death.