Monday, April 22, 2019

Biya and the French: Europe doesn’t agree anymore

The European Union Parliament has voted unanimously for the crisis in Southern Cameroons to be debated at the United Nations Security Council. The EU parliamentarians further observed in a motion that international bodies should step in and mediate in the conflict.

The Hon. Members condemned the gross human rights violations in Southern Cameroons and called for an immediate investigation of crimes committed by Francophone Cameroonian soldiers.

“Cameroonian authorities (should) ensure accountability for human rights violations by the security forces and to conduct prompt, thorough, independent and impartial investigations into all allegations of human rights violations.”

The European parliamentarians also urged the Biya Francophone regime to release all Southern Cameroons civilians unlawfully detained in French Cameroun military facilities and to put an end to the use of the Yaounde Military Tribunal for civilian matters and the trial of Anglophones in French Cameroun courts.

“An immediate end to the practice of incarceration of convicted civilians in prisons far away from their families, on which prisoners in Cameroon have to rely for medical care and food.”

On French Cameroun politics, the EU Parliamentarians called for the immediate release of Professor Maurice Kamto and his top aides arrested since January and urged the government of Cameroon to respect the right to assembly.

By Sama Ernest