Monday, April 1, 2019

Assassination of the student in Deido: the politicians held responsible

In an outing on his facebook page, the journalist, who was very active in the campaign team of Serge Alain Matomba in the presidential election protests against the current social decadence in Cameroon.

"I am angry!

20 years that I call the consciences on the education of our children, 20 long years where some have considered that the political journalism is above the journalism of society. The dramas that we live today These are simply the result of the neglect of social problems in favor of the emphasis on politics.

In the social, we denounce the evils, we seek the solutions proposed by all social bodies, it is only in this way that evolves a society. All over the world, it is the social that guides the politicians, at home, one eludes the essential to speak only of the parties, the individuals, the sharing of the cake. What is happening today is only the beginning of the consequences of abandoning social problems in favor of the political drum, but let us know that the social is the foundation of politics.

Drugs, sexual abuse, juvenile delinquency are only the pendants of our resignation.This situation challenges parents, educators, civil society organizations and politicians. If we do not stop bleeding, the situation will be much more critical. May Rosman rest in peace but not die for nothing. We must rely on the drama of the bilingual school of Deido to save our youth in perdition ".