Friday, April 5, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: a man found dead in Buea

The lifeless body of a man was discovered this Thursday morning at the Mile 17 station in Buea, in the southwest region of Cameroon.

Witnesses testified that the body had evidence of gunshot wounds and that the man was killed on Wednesday night and abandoned.

In addition, gunshots were heard in some localities of Buea last night and early this morning. Students living in the Dirty South district of Molyko confirmed violent clashes around 4 am.

In addition, most residents of Buea have "fled" the 10-day lockdown imposed by secessionist leaders to boycott the Limbe festival from April 6th. In a statement that went around the web, separatist fighters threatened to take the life of anyone who dares to step outside during these 10 days.