Saturday, April 20, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: four civilians killed, others injured in Bamenda

These victims wanted to resist their kidnappers who tried to kidnap them. Most of the scenes took place in downtown Bamenda under the helpless gaze of local residents.

According to the testimony of a resident, one of the victims was attacked Thursday in the street that adjoins the Bamenda market.

According to him, it was armed men on motorcycles who fired point-blank at a businessman.

This is the fourth person killed by presumed separatists in two days in Bamenda.

Injured and lying in a hospital bed, one of the victims of an attempted kidnapping tells how he managed to escape: "I got off the bike and someone told me to follow him I asked where to go? He took off a gun and shot me, dodged the shot and reached my leg. "

Kidnappings have become commonplace in both southwestern and northwestern English-speaking Cameroon.

The increasingly victimized population is trying to organize itself into a self-defense group.