Thursday, April 4, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: Atanga Nji accuses NGOs of defrauding the United Nations

The battle for numbers is raging over the crisis that has rocked the northwestern and southwestern regions of Cameroon since October 2016. In its annual report published on January 24, 2019, the NGO for the defense of human rights Human Rights Watch (HRC) relays alarming figures on the crisis.

"In November, the United Nations estimated more than 244,000 displaced civilians in the Far North and 437,500 in the English-speaking regions of North West and South West. About 32,600 Cameroonians have fled to Nigeria, "reads this voluminous report.

For the government, this is Fake news. "I read a report not long ago that reported more than 400,000 internally displaced people in Cameroon. I would like to say that it is false. It's a Fake news, "says Paul Atanga Nji. The Minister of Territorial Administration (MINAT) argues that organizations are trying to make the Anglophone crisis their business.

"The organizations that distil this information want to use the situation of North West and South West to make it a goodwill. This means that donors are asked to give, for example, 50 million euros for the North West and South West, whereas they know that in reality the needs are only 10 million euros, says the MINAT.

That's not all, he thinks he knows. "There are other organizations that have malicious intentions in saying that there are 400,000 or 500,000 displaced and giving the UN the impression that the Cameroonian government would not be able to deal with the displaced. internally, "adds the government member.

Atanga Nji concludes that "Cameroon has only about 152,000 internally displaced people in the two regions (North-West and South-West) and about 6,000 in the other three regions namely Central, Western and Littoral".