Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: angry, Nfon Mukete gets loose on Paul Biya

The senior Cameroonian senator says he does not understand how his people are suffering and dying, while the people (authorities) are having fun in Yaounde.

Victor Nkon Mukete clearly denounced it in the presence of members of the government, it was last Friday during a question and answer session in the Senate.

The oldest senator said that the suffering was too heavy for the people of the north-west and south-west regions, so that the authorities of Yaoundé continue to remain silent.

This major actor of reunification in the 1960s, considered today as one of the country's guardians of memory, once again reiterated that only a return to the federation can restore normalcy in the restless English-speaking regions.

"The system has failed, the federation is the only way. Ten federated states for each region to manage its affairs. Why are people afraid of the federation? I do not speak like that because the country should be divided. No! I fought very hard for the reunification of the former Southern Cameroon and the former Republic of Cameroon. And I will never be able to destroy it. But the country should be federated. Look at America, South Africa, Switzerland, Nigeria, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Russia and Rwanda, "said Senator Nfon Mukete.

Before continuing, hitting his cane on the ground "What are all these nonsense? My people are dying; they suffer and we play games here in Yaounde. We must be careful. I do not care. Go tell anyone. Go tell Paul [Biya] "

A source quoted by Cameroon-Info.Net said that even the sound of a falling pin could be heard, as many observing the oldest senate with bewilderment.