Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Amerìca Messages to Ambazonia By Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert (Yindo Toh)

Good news is rare, so when I find it, I want to share it soonest. There is plenty of good news in the attached video featuring United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Tibor Nagy. He was speaking earlier today and shared five big messages that every Ambazonian should know and be encouraged by.

First, Hon. Tibor Nagy recognizes that the diplomacy of our Diaspora in the USA has been very effective. He says he is hearing from the Congress the most about the Cameroons (read Ambazonia). Bravo Ambazonians in the USA. We must keep this up.

Second, Hon. Tibor Nagy explains what current US current policy is towards the Cameroons. He says it is current US policy – and he stresses that it is CURRENT POLICY – to recognize the existing boundaries of Cameroon. The unsaid message is clear. Current policy may not last long. Ambazonians, you are almost there. Raise your voices louder to ensure the lobbyists paid by the Biya regime don’t drown us out.

Third, Hon. Tibor Nagy blames the Biya regime for the civil war. Not both sides. Not violence on both sides. He says the regime failed to offer solutions, leading to the current civil war.

Fourth, Hon. Tibor Nagy points out that Ambazonians are “fighting for their rights”. Did the Biya regime copy that? The US does not but their propaganda that they are taking out “secessionists”, “terrorists”, “criminals”, “rats”, “dogs”, etc.

Fifth, Hon. Tibor Nagy salutes the democratic changes unfolding across Africa, mentioning among them the toppling Wednesday night of Sudan’s erstwhile strongman and war criminal Omar al-Bashi. Then, Hon. Tibor Nagy adds that with Sudan behind him, his “next concern is Cameroon”.

Did you hear that Hitler Paul Biya?