Saturday, April 6, 2019

Ambazonian leaders supported the English General Conference - Elie Smith

Repeatedly defeated last year for failing to obtain authorization from the Cameroonian government, the organizers of the AGC Anglophone General Conference said they used this deadline to conduct an intense awareness campaign in Cameroon.

Elie Smith, coordinator, general secretary and official spokesman for the AGC, said that the leaders of the Ambazonian movement of the diaspora were for the organization of the English-speaking general conference.

After meeting with separatist leaders in America and other European countries, Elie Smith said the ball was now in the hands of the Cameroonian government to issue a clearance and security guarantee for the conference.

AGC organizers believe that the forum will enable Anglophones to choose the form of state that best respects their culture and heritage.

As a result, the MCO spokesperson has come ahead of the JMA with allegations of federalist tendencies.

He added that the main leader, Cardinal Christian Tumi, is committed to maintaining the neutrality of the conference, which will provide a broad base of representation to all categories of people from the thirteen divisions that make up the North-West regions and Southwest.

The venue of the conference and the date are not known, but the spokesman said that the English General Conference will be held in the English-speaking region.

On the issue of contradictory opinions on the struggle for the re-establishment of social media ambazonia by separatist leaders of the diaspora, Elie Smith believes leaders are united and will support any real effort to end killings, kidnappings, destruction and displacement of people in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

Asked about the establishment of a movement for peace in the north-west by the main militants of the Cameroonian People's Democratic Movement (DPRK), the coordinator of the English-speaking General Conference challenged parliamentarians at the forefront of the movement for peace to use the platform provided by the people to present the issue to the National Assembly and the Senate.

Elie Smith denies allegations that he was bought by the Yaoundé regime to help organize the AGC.

For the high-ranking journalist, he is still very critical and critical of Paul's regime.

He added, however, that while working for the peace process, he was prohibited from writing certain things to the public.

Source: mimimefoinfos