Friday, April 5, 2019

Ambazonia: released former minister Ngafeeson makes revelations

He acknowledges, however, that his relatives had to pay a ransom for his release. 

For Emmanuel Ngafeeson's family, it's a happy ending. A small feast was organized in the residence of the former Secretary of State to the Minister of Justice in charge of the Penitentiary Administration, located in the Ntabessi district of Bamenda in the regional capital of the North-West. After 12 days of captivity, the former high state clerk was released on Sunday, October 31, 2019.

To the reporters who went to interview him, Ngafeeson said he was treated well by his captors. "During this captivity, they (the kidnappers) managed to give me mineral water. It was only towards the end, because there was no mineral water, I had to drink the water that came from a spring, "he said.

Without giving a figure, the former minister acknowledges that his relatives had to pay a ransom for his release. "I'm told they asked for money and my family managed.When they took me to drop me on the road that goes to Mankon, that's when they gave me my phone, "he adds.

Since the outbreak of the Anglophone crisis in October 2016, Emmanuel Ngafeeson has been the first-ever ex-member of the government kidnapped by separatist militias. He was kidnapped on March 19, 2019 while he was at his home in Ntabessi, located in the heart of Bamenda.