Friday, April 19, 2019

Ambazonia: Paul Biya's close friend house set Ablaze

The house of the late president of the CPDM section of the Menchum 1 (Northwest), Chuo Cyprian Akwo who died on April 11, was burned in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday by separatists from Ambazonia.

According to information from concordant sources, the secessionist fighters reportedly banned the family of the ex-CPDM dignitary from burying him in his village.

Died at the CNPS hospital in Yaounde as a result of illness, Chuo Cyprian Akwo was one of the pillars of Paul Biya's regime in this region, which has been affected for more than two years by an armed conflict between the government forces and the secessionists. 'Ambazonia. We will come back to it.