Saturday, April 20, 2019

Ambazonia: the Ministry of Defense violently attacks Human Rights Watch

In a report released on April 10 by the non-governmental organization Human Rights Watch following the "massacre" of civilians in the village of Meluf in the north-west of the country, the Ministry of Defense violently responded to this institution. defense of human rights.

It is through his Facebook page that the ministry led by Beti assomo has expressed his anger at what he considers to be "allegedly documented allegations of destruction and killings by the Cameroon Defense and Security Forces". He accuses the organization of having produced no image and video that can highlight 'these allegations'.

Below the statement of the Ministry of Defense

In a deliberately provocative new report posted online Thursday, April 10, 2019, Human Rights Watch, a supposedly non-governmental and impartial organization, supports allegedly documented allegations of destruction and killings by the Cameroonian Defense and Security Forces in the village of Meluf. North West Region.

It is constant for this non-governmental organization with intentions to elucidate, to carry on the liabilities of the Cameroonian State abuses sometimes filmed live secessionists funded by hidden interests, but not hidden as they believe.

Moreover, the attention to detail in the narrative of the circumstances suggests that the actions complained of would be premeditated and executed by the Defense and Security Forces. The videos and photographs however evoked by HRW were never produced, proof of their nonexistence.

There is also reason to wonder how the bulldozing of a road barricaded by terrorists would be a violation of human rights; in what way the embankment of a trench dug by outlaws would be a disproportionate and indiscriminate use of force; and how are mentally retarded and elderly women a danger to the Defense and Security Forces?

By claiming that '' new attacks could occur if government forces are not controlled '', the report would not already prepare the opinion for the future massacres of armed terrorist groups, for whom HRW seems to manifest a particular flame ?

Human Rights Watch seems to be playing off its own contradictions, because after accusing the military of burning hospitals, this organization mentions at the same time the use of the same soldiers in these hospitals to treat their wounded.

Like Meluf, the Aluh village has recently been subject to the same discriminatory and contemptuous treatment of the Cameroon Defense and Security Forces. If Sisyphus did not belong to mythology, he would certainly have come from Aluh. This village each time "burned by the Army", and curiously still standing, with the same anonymous witnesses, privileged contacts of HRW to feed its phantasmagorical stories.

The only property destroyed in Aluh and reconfigured using HRW methods is indeed the home of a lawyer, AMAZEE Anthony, practicing in Bamenda, whose fault is to have been on the side of the Government during the debates at the post-election hearing of the Constitutional Council. The house had previously been looted, the so-called Ernest ACHE NGONG who had been appointed guardian by the owner, cowardly kidnapped and murdered.

Curious that Human Rights Watch does not mention it.