Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Ambazonia: meeting between secessionists and federalists in the USA

The General Conference of the People of Southern Cameroon, organized by people considered as federalists, is under way in the United States. However, important personalities of the Ambazonia revolution reacted by their presence, triggering discussions and debates about the possible "poisoning" of their spirit to embrace federalism.

The conference, which began on Friday, March 29, 2019, is led by Dr. Fontem Neba, who is considered a federalist.

This event is the first of its kind to be organized to bring together people of different ideas in order to end the Cameroonian colonial conflict in Southern Cameroons. Five key figures, including the Acting President of Ambazonia, Dr. Sako Ikome, participate in the meeting.

Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas of the AGC refused the invitation, calling the organizers "facilitators".

However, the front-line leaders of the first day of the conference maintained their position in the current political stalemate.

An observer says that "Ntumfor Boh is so frank to international observers, citing many people or countries that have separated and Ambazonia and LRC (Republic of Cameroon) must separate." Boh stole the show. Fontem brought us closer, etc., which is encouraging, but the fear of the unknown awaits us Speaking to Cho Ayaba, calling him home and telling him that he was accused of a strong head and that he is changing, but Ayaba is also stronghead but we should all get together, Boh takes the international observers to task, applauds everywhere at home "

Other participants have proposed a referendum to end the conflict, adding that it was a referendum year and that Southern Cameroons should be considered.

The conference will continue this Saturday, March 30 while resolutions are expected. It is not yet known which group will be able to take advantage of others in the current quest for the end of the bloody war.

Objectives of the conference:

The organizers of the General Conference of the People of Southern Cameroon stated that the main reasons were:

-Identify the problems that have tainted their existence since their independence by joining the Republic of Cameroon in 1961;

- examine the social, economic and political factors that led to the 2016 strikes, the government's handling of the crisis, its escalation, the outbreak of the civil war and the loss of property and human lives;

- evaluate the efforts made so far by the government and the population of Southern Cameroons to stem the crisis and its consequences (if any);

- To ascertain the nature and extent of the humanitarian crisis resulting from the burning of villages and hospitals and the manner in which refugees and internally displaced persons can be integrated into the movement global for peace;

- To chart the way forward for lasting peace and the role of the international community in achieving that peace;

- Reconcile Southern Cameroons political groups and bring them together around this cause for peace by defining a code of conduct governing political activities before, during and after the peace process.

Expected results of the conference The objectives of the conference are as follows:

1. To sensitize the international community to a conflict dealt with in the media as a simple "Anglophone problem".It's a nascent war that has become genocidal. The international must act to avoid another Rwanda.

2. Develop a common strategy for peace in a sustainable framework for a long-term solution and the role that the international community can play within it.

3. Reconcile different political groups and ideological trends towards a common or consensual position.