Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Ambazonia: corpses mysteriously disappear in Kumbo

This city in the North West region is not immune to the consequences of the Anglophone crisis. 

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Reverend Tata Mbuy of the diocese of Kumbo expressed his concern. He spoke to the microphone of the French journalists and revealed his concern about the deterioration of the situation in this city on the security plan and on the rhythm of life of the populations since the beginning of the English-speaking crisis in 2018. The conflicts and clashes between secessionists and the Cameroonian army are frequent.

In his capacity as director of communication of the ecclesiastical province of Bamenda, of which the diocese of Kumbo is a part, he held a summary of the daily life of the populations in his charge, as well as those of Kumba, Bamenda and Mamfe. where not a week goes by without burning buildings, kidnappings of students, teachers, state employees, disappearances, killings of civilians, ransom demands.

For the man of God we are no longer in a crisis because of the context but rather a war. Violence is growing and people burn houses, kill people, kidnap them without fear. There are some bodies that have disappeared and it becomes impossible to count the number of victims in this case.Individuals have disappeared and their families do not even know if they are dead or if they are elsewhere.

Since the last four months, many parishes have had to close and schools have been abolished in the diocese of Kumbo. This city faces dead cities repeatedly because the majority of the population has found refuge in the bush. Pastoral activities are already non-existent. The government is trying to prevent this and the Ambaboys want to intimidate the military, the responsibilities are shared and it is time for the climate to improve.

Source: actucameroun.com