Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Ambazonia: arrested journalist and 04 civilians kìlled in North West

Journalist Manasseh Vushigho, who works for Sky Sports Community Radio, was arrested not far from his home, along with several other people in the Northwest and Southwest.

According to reports, army officers allegedly took him away because he did not have his IDs. For the moment, nobody knows exactly where he was taken.

Also in the northwestern region, around Mbingo, Boyo Department, Cameroonian soldiers killed four people on Monday. It is still unclear whether they are civilians or armed separatists. They also broke into houses in search of possible hiding places for these separatists.

In the Southwest region, relative calm in Mutengene has been reported following the arrest of more than 100 people. The military in search of possible separatists does not usually care whether civilians have identity documents or not, when they make massive arrests.

Mondays, considered as ghost days in the English-speaking regions, are marked by numerous bloodshed and arrests, following military raids, firing between soldiers and separatist fighters.