Friday, April 5, 2019

Ambazonia: an Army officer reportedly trapped by a woman and beheaded by secessionists

An officer of the Cameroonian army was beheaded by secessionist fighters in Bello in the North West region. This is what the armed secessionist group Ambazonia Restoration has just announced.

According to a source contacted in the locality, the soldier whose identity was not revealed would be a colonel of the Cameroonian army. According to our source, the victim was trapped by a girl acting on behalf of the secessionists. The officer had a relationship with the girl in order to obtain information about secessionist groups in the area.

Except that his maneuver was discovered by the secessionist fighters who, after threatening the girl and her family, used the latter as bait to get their hands on the army officer. He will be tortured and beheaded by the secessionist fighters.

As a reminder, more than thirty soldiers of the Cameroonian army have already been killed by secessionists since the start of clashes in October 2017.