Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Ambazonia: 14-year-old girl gang-raped

A 14-year-old girl is being treated at a health center in Mbande village, Ako sub-division, in northwestern Cameroon.

A young village official, anonymously, told the editorial staff: "... boys who called themselves fighters of the ambazonia raped the girl in his father's house. A woman present tried to scream but one of the boys took out her gun and fired bullets in the air, threatening to kill her if she dares to sound the alarm. "

An employee of the village clinic said they were medically assisting the girl, but he lamented that the medical center could not cause further serious damage during forced entry.

The father of the girl (whom we prefer not to name for security reasons) has been revealed, he is powerless against any intimidation of which he, his daughter and the whole family were victims as a result of the incident .

In the village of Dumbo, a man paid 15,000 francs and offered his goat to fighters to protect his daughter from rape. A few days after the incident, he secretly sent the girl out of the community to avoid further threats.

In Mbambe, on the Ako Subdivision, thirteen teenage girls were forced to marry suspected Ambazoni fighters against their will, as well as their parents and family members, a source said.

In addition, villagers also accuse gunmen of committing adultery with their wives with impunity.

Students from the Ako Subdivision and educated in Nkambe; The headquarters of the Donga Mantung Division were banned from visiting their village by the same group in the locality.

The fact of settling in Nkambe after the closure of the schools in their neighborhood is a sign of betrayal of the struggle for the restoration of the state of Ambazonia.

In the meantime, the parents of these children were sentenced to pay a fine of 40,000 francs (40,000 FCFA) for violating the orders of the combatants.

Dying in silence:

The inhabitants of the Ako sub-division lament silently about the activities of the boys who called themselves Ambazonia fighters. For many people, the boys of their activities are not the ones who are fighting for the restoration of the state of Ambazonia.

They believe that by regularly kidnapping beneficent people and demanding ransom, raping girls and women, hitting people without just cause and terrorizing people, they are not the mark of those who defend the "homeland" . The leaders of the Ambazonian movement must still react to this situation.

Despite all this, most residents of the subdivision oppose the intervention of the army. They believe that the presence of law enforcement will do more harm than good. They doubt the professionalism of the military to distinguish between a fighter and an innocent citizen.

They cite cases where the army killed innocent civilians in Jeyu, Dumbo and Nzibie in a frenzied effort to attack the fighters of the ambazonia.