Monday, April 22, 2019

All you need to know about the arrest of Flore de Lille, detained in Yaoundé

After a failed attempt in December 2018, the Judicial Police Directorate found the "International CEO" during his recent stay in Cameroon. An investigation for "insulting libel, defamation and insults" was opened against this Franco-Cameroonian who is actually called Magina Nkenkom Kouolitto.

Flore de Lille is behind bars. The arrest warrant issued against her by the public prosecutor at the Yaoundé Court of First Instance administrative center on 6 December 2018 was executed this week.According to some information, the real name is Magina Nkenkom Kouolitto has already spent five nights in the police in Yaoundé. The "star" of social networks installed in France is the subject of an investigation for "insulting indecency, defamation and insults".

The French woman of Cameroon origin was almost arrested in Douala in October 2018 on the plane that brought her back to France. She objected to her arrest on the grounds that the commissioner who ordered it did not have an arrest warrant.In a recent interview broadcast on YouTube Flore de Lille explained that she does not blame herself and was ready to put herself at the disposal of the judicial authorities. "If there is justice in Cameroon, I will simply introduce myself and assume."

Opponents of Paul Biya's regime see in the detention of the "star" of the web a settlement of political accounts. The activist Narcisse Nganchop, who understands that Flore de Lille is now in Yaoundé Nkondegui central prison, maintains that she is arrested "for her statements against the criminal regime of the tyrant Paul Biya. Because she was no longer on the side of the sardine, "hear" on the side of power ".

On January 20, 2019, Brice Nitcheu, the leader of a group of opponents in exile announced that the darling of social networks has made an ideological turnaround. "In a historic Live (still in circulation at this time) the famous blogger and clasheuse calls for resistance and denounces a cabal against her by the nephew of dictator Paul Biya. Dressed in military snub, she calls for an active boycott of the March 8 loincloth, and announces that she will take part in the events of March 8 organized without this loincloth of shame. Welcome to Planète Resistance Flore de Lille ", wrote the president of the Collective of Democratic Organizations of the Diaspora (CODE).

Flore de Lille has bad press in the opinion.She is presented as a sex lover who promotes prostitution, debauchery, perverse practices. This is reflected in the innumerable direct it animates and which are followed each time by tens of thousands of Internet users. His interventions on the web are also an opportunity to settle accounts or challenge his "enemies".