Wednesday, April 17, 2019

All Anglophone conference: Organization worries

For the initiators of this conference, it is a tool of reconciliation that will provide a response to the crisis in the South West and North West regions.

Supposed to take place in late November 2018, the "All English speaking conference" has still not taken place.Failing a quitus from Yaoundé, the meeting is even postponed sine die, "recalls the weekly Integration in its edition of April 15, 2019. However, Elie Smith the Secretary General and coordinator of the All Anglophone Conference, supported this April 5, 2019 on the news site fr.sputniknews that "the project is still in progress".

"This release of the journalist, secretary general and coordinator of the" All Anglophone Conference ", we learn that the consultation carried by Cardinal Christian Tumi also generates other concerns," says the newspaper.

"We have been labeled as radical, and some say that our goal when we organize this foundation is to declare our independence. It's archifal. We want to show them that this is an Anglophone problem, which emanates from the fundamental infidelity that created modern Cameroon in 1961, "says Elie Smith.

Sufficient for many boondoggles around the organization of this consultation undermine this intention of the organizers.Especially since, for the moment, the vagueness remains on the stage of treatment of the debates.

According to the newspaper, "in recent days, members of the committee of organizations contradict each other on the modalities that could govern this space of reflection".

To avoid any hullabaloo, one current thinks that these discussions can only relate to "the non-respect of the constitution of 1961. Beside, others think that it is necessary to speak of the form of the State. Again, voices are raised to advocate for federalism and / or the completion of the decentralization process. The radicals have no other track than secession.

If these various tendencies do not draw a disorder as such, "they indicate that nothing seems to be stopped, to the dismay (certainly) of Cardinal Christian Tumi and other religious dignitaries who are in charge of animating these debates (and therefore to face the consequences) in case these would stand, "concludes Integration.