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Friday, March 1, 2019

Who is Maurice Kamto and why is he in prison, understand the whole affair

Since October 8, 2018, we attend the Passion of HE Maurice KAMTO after the elections of October 7, 2018 in which we participated each in his own way. Summarizing the circumstances that led to the arrest of Maurice KAMTO and his supporters according to the various questions that many and in accordance with the light of the laws that govern our constitution.

Indeed, what has unfolded in our eyes since the launch of the election campaign and what follows after the 07 October 2018, is the fight, the ultimate great fight of justice against injustice practiced in forms legal against Maurice Kamto and those who with him asks the Justice, the fight of the Freedom against the muzzling, the oppression, that of Maurice KAMTO. These truths lived by us since the convocation of the electoral body and unfold before our eyes through the sufferings of hunger, disease, war (NoSo, Far-North etc), hatred, tribalism, persecution, social injustice, unemployment and various ills that undermine our personal lives and Cameroonian society.

That said, the tragedy we are experiencing begins more precisely in the morning of October 08, a day after the elections when Maurice Kamto gathered with the members of the winning coalition had claimed favor with the votes of October 7.Once after his press release, the persecution manifested by tribalism, the alleged violations of the electoral law of which no lawyer has so far shown any evidence. Nevertheless, the same day of the elections another candidate said the young had to claim the favor of the votes even before the results by polling station were made, or of the communiqué of the Minister of the information which him, said that we can win the elections against M Biya Paul if we do not win the great north as if he knew the results that were not yet given, or a press with private capital ANECDOTE announcing the victory of Paul Biya a can rather the 08octobre by its publication of this day even before the exit of Maurice Kamto with 11h and thus nobody saw the violation of the law.

Maurice Kamto is subject to violations, flogged by injustice and oppression, disfigured by the lies, so the height was his arrest and those of the winning coalition that were there, in short all those who were there on January 30 in the home deprived of Mr Albert Ndzongang without arrest warrant by violating the law on the search on authorization to procure a private home. And here is the great Passion that begins.

One can wonder in all lucidity and sincerity of what is he accused? Is he a criminal, a crowd agitator? Who is he really? What did he do wrong?

Maurice Kamto, on the religious level, is a Catholic baptized Catholic who lives his faith in truth, love and justice and in the image of the cardinal virtues, as every disciple of Christ must do, not without saying that he is free from all sin. The flesh being made of weakness. Besides, it is often said to us, the fathers of the Church, whom the saint on earth fished day after day, still more so him, of whom we do not know whether he is a saint on earth. God knows everything and knows his heart.

Professionally, Maurice Kamto is a prominent law professor whose relevance is recognized, not without exaggeration, to the ends of the earth. Great jurist with seat and presidency at the largest (high) court of International Justice (ICJ). Professor of law, he has taught and teaches in several law universities, first Cameroon and then around the world and therefore those he has taught him a great respect, honor and recognition of his lectures. An iconoclastic figure of the right. With that, he is not accused in any way.

Politically, the current government presents him as a crowd agitator, he is accused of insurrection and disturbance of public order, of hostility to the Republic, a subversive who passes for the President-elect and legitimates the The favor of the votes gave him this legitimacy, and thus threatens the regime in place and therefore the power of the Emperor. But before the Constitutional Council he had shown through his advice that he had indeed won and so his exit of October 08 was a simple announcement after confrontation of the trial of brains from the polls waiting for confirmation of this fact of the Constitutional Council which has the competent authority.

And although the Constitutional Council of the obliged to the pay of the system as regards the suspicions on impartiality (being for some close to the regime and for other member of the RDPC, party formerly in power and today by force of the experience in forfeiting which Cameroon has witnessed and the world too).

No. Maurice Kamto is not a subversive, a crowd agitator, has not committed an insurrection or disturb the public order, even less is not terrorist as the government seems to believe the minds and opinion international. These reasons can not convince any Judge that he is obligated to pay the system in place or not. Moreover, with a little lucidity in reading the events that go on, no one will believe these charges against him.Although these reasons are stuck to his back. He always said that he would defend his victory by all legal means and that he would not walk on the corpse of Cameroonians to go to Stunned. Because if he had wanted then he would not have avoided the failed coup d'etat of 06 november so the sponsors had approached to ask for his consent and therefore opposing that, he had delivered them to the State though the latter, out of cowardice, made no mention of it to the press and to national and international opinion. All these motives are to corrupt the spirits and provoke popular hatred in them. This is because of his ethnicity provoking the withdrawal of identity and thus the tribalism of which he is accused throughout the day by those who make the apology and lead the mass in this desolation But who benefits from the withdrawal of identity?

At the social level, Maurice Kamto is put at the top of a criminal, a seductive criminal, a terrorist according to the people of the Rdpc and those who hatred and smoke have obscured any sincere judgment. Those claiming that if Maurice Kamto had not been a criminal the government would never have arrested him. For that he deserves prison, even death and the most shameful death like that of our fathers of independence (Ernest Ouandié, Um Nyobe etc
). Yet several engineers, many knowledgeable people had seen in his program the only one capable of being realized, the only best political program of which society was the first beneficiary. So much this program could have saved Cameroon from the desolation, the war and the misery that is undermining it. The real thieves of the Republic, those who have robbed more than 1200miliards are also preferred to Maurice Kamto as was the case for the Jesus whose Bandit Barabbas he was preferred. Go ahead and understand.

These motives (Maurice Kamto who commits insurrection, which is hostility to the state, terrorism and disturbance of public order etc) supposed in deceit and lies, tribalism, jealousy and hatred, constitute the reasons that led Maurice Kamto to his arrest and probably to death, which these same people summoned as the only logical sentence against all that he is accused of. Here are dear Cameroonians what we can give as a result of the consultation on the arrest, the custody order in Kodengui Central Prison and probably his killing.

Nevertheless some characters staged challenge us.

1- Biya Paul

Here is a man who towards the end of his life leaves the country in a sorry state with wars here and there, injustice, misery, isolation and to crown all the desolation in which Cameroon is plunged and of which the two English-speaking zones are illustrative. His term ended in the treachery of an electoral hold-ud. A man capable of directing a desert without being alive, not the least bird, not to say human. All those who covet his chair, are vilified, dealing with everything, conjugating the only verb that he and his system have retained from their dictionary: DESTABILIZING (He wants to destabilize Cameroon). The height is that he and his people treated any true opponent of power hunger as if after spending 37 years in power, we are less thirsty for power than the one who seeks and, in truth and justice, to be also in power and to propose something different to the people. I respect M Biya Paul and the efforts undoubtedly made for the happiness of Cameroonians even this is less visible than a tomb in the darkness of the dawn of the day that we need a little light to see.

2- Justice or magistrates

Those who are supposed to assert the right to injustice are cowards who condemn an ​​innocent person without finding a reason for condemning him or her as they say elsewhere behind the scenes. They have come into collusion with the government, which they often complain about violating their rights as lawyers and others. And although at certain times these obligated want to assert their power on Maurice Kamto, but this last one shows them that it is them that they make misguided road that he has not committed any offense, even less violated the law to be under the influence of this law. Although he submits to it for the liberation of Cameroon, for the salvation of Cameroonians, so that finally real justice against the prevailing injustice in Cameroon. And there we see as we the people we are cowardly than those obliged to Justice. We preferred the ambiguity of the situations, we have by our fear and our condemned cowardice an innocent who wants only our good. He who does not suffer from hunger. We have accepted intrigues even though we know the truth of the facts. The lawsuit of Maurice Kamto challenges the rulers, the men of the law, the security forces, the witnesses, in short, the whole society in relation to the injustices committed against the innocents unjustly accused while put in prison (the case of Chuenkam innocently condemned and whose the trial is sent back every time for about 10 years). The lawsuit of Maurice KAMTO, question any power or any political regime which is based on the oppression of the people or the stalking of popular and famous subjects opposed to the dictatorial regime.Another attitude that we can take up here, and especially among our so-called politicians who act according to their personal and selfish interests and according to their political calculation. The most appropriate case is that of a certain youth candidate. So the name of the greatest fayman in the history of Cameroon is attributed to him: Donatien Koagne or Koagne Kerosene, or the comic name of DJ Orange Money. Go ahead and understand. By doing so we can question the role of the political actor in the face of social injustices and public slippage.

Then the big banditry, the serious corruption and every rising day (1200million Do you know what this sum injected into the regions could do for the good of all?) And many other words that undermine Cameroon are they not the product, the fruit of the failure of humiliation of Cameroonian society? And if the current government has failed, is it not better to regain control by leaving room for the one or those who offer a better welfare of society? So the attitude of these men of the law makes us think on this subject the United Nations calls in humanitarian law "the responsibility to protect which is part of the prerogatives of a State. To us the people, a call is made to us, to come out of our cowardice and ask for Justice and Truth.

3- The other opponents of the opposition.These are people whose hearts are turned to their only good and not to the people they claim to represent or defend. Money commands their heart and they become good for nothing. Despite the faith, hope and love of the people for them, which they believed defended their common interest, these politicians, opponents of the opposition have devoted their hearts to money and hate against the Truth that they know, though. (Biya did not win, I won, it is an opposition candidate who won, Biya won because we did not vote). Just as they complain of the government in place to love money too much and empty the coffers of the state to their only happiness, they make it worse. They sell all the Cameroonian people at a cheap price as Judas had sold Jesus to 30 pieces of silver.

Judas becomes their leader or model. He who is the boss and the symbol of greed and hope, trust and friendship betrayed.And although it is not certain for us that their acts, their betrayals are the only act without which the opposition would have won or that Maurice Kamto would not have been arrested (even as it won), because the government In complicity with the Rdpc, Elecam and the Constitutional Council had already fabricated the false results of the presidential elections and therefore the figures were out for several months, and thus the surprising victory of Maurice Kamto causing them to bring them to this judicial madness, intimidation and the injustices we see today. After his release on October 08 his opponents were determined to stop him looking for a motive day and night. We who betray a whole people and sell them at city prices, history will judge us. Politics is the love of the service of the other, of the people we represent, it is the charity offered to others for their good and their happiness. This is to promote a policy for the glory of God and the well-being of the people and cultivating the love that St. Paul celebrates in his first letter to the Corinthians chapter 13. A service and a love without calculation, without interest. Love loves and does not betray. You false politicians whose only program is turned to your personal and selfish interests there, treason and treachery do not go with love.The people suffer from their love, trust and hope betrayed by you. Shame on you even if you are unscrupulous beings.

4- People thirsty for change

Here is a voluntary people whose weakness, the fear of being arrested and thrown into prison (as if we could all stop, the prisons of Cameroon can not contain all Cameroonians) devoured and carried away to the denial for some of the one who carries however the torch of their rebirth, their change and their victory, and cowardice, the retreat on oneself or identity by accepting the unacceptable which it nevertheless wants to free itself from it. Freeing yourself from a diet that has taken everything to you. The people do not hope for anything anymore. Yet he listened to the message full of hope, love, help, participation and the political program of Mauricie Kamto, his fight for Truth, for Justice and for a national Renaissance, the only way out of liberation, peace, forgiveness, reconciliation, national unity of Cameroon.I admire, however, an enthusiastic people, carried away, but too often hesitant and weak, giving up despite their confidence and the assurance of not betraying him as he had in turn manifested to Maurice Kamto who is suffering today the martyrdom and the passion, which is dying in this dungeon whose only two issues are yet Liberty and Death, he who gives himself body and soul doing no energy in him for the salvation of the Cameroonian people as he had promised in vowing several times never to betray him.

People of Cameroon, we must regain courage and determination to fight for our salvation. Nobody will come to free us in our place. Repent undergrowth and stand up as one man and go to defend our rights in peace. Peaceful resistance. Do not let us be manipulated anymore. We can dictate our will, because after all it is we who have the true power. The people are sovereign, and therefore stronger than the law, especially the one who oppresses.May god be with us. Let us modify the result of the verdict sought, namely the liberation of Cameroon, a true state of law in which true justice reigns, a state in peace and prosperity.

5- Maurice KAMTO

Maurice Kamto has traveled Cameroon to touch the pain and misery of Cameroonians. He told them about his project for them. Promising them to spare no energy to work for their happiness and well-being. He promoted that if in the evening of 07October who had the favor of the ballot box (which was the case) to rehabilitate the excluded of society, to change the living conditions of the populations, to give a new face to the leashes of accounts, to those who are muzzled, the little ones who suffer and remain silent being the voice of their multiform misfortunes. He promised to give the place to the woman, promising them and her to no longer allow her to pay Caesarean section to all Cameroonians no longer let them die of malaria and other diseases for lack of money for hospital care . What is the meaning, the meaning he gives of himself if he were to lose his life in this fight? "If in this battle I leave my life, if in this battle I die, the question you must ask yourself is not to go and shed tears on my grave; the question is: what do you do with my death? If I die I do not want no endless queue to go lay wreaths. I want you to free yourself. " Maurice Kamto, if he dies, he dies to accomplish the mission he had set himself to liberate Cameroon, to bring a new breath, the breath of the Renaissance. He will die for not betraying the people as he promised.


Excellence, Maurice Kamto, I support you in your struggle. I share the suffering that holds and so you can free yourself by renouncing or betraying the people, but because your love is so great for Cameroon, so great that your death for his salvation is nothing at all, if yes less important. O you this great man of whom you are, you who do not suffer from hunger, and who want to help those who languish in hunger, misery, desolation, war, despair, those who suffer and are silent in front of their voices . As I admire you. You are for me a great model, a martyr of modern times. You are now despised, abandoned by almost everyone, you have become familiar with the suffering of Cameroonians, those who are at the bottom of the ladder and struggling to lift their feet, to make the slightest movement to climb this ladder. We turn away from you yet it is for our happiness, we forget that you have embarked on the fight for liberation, social justice, equality, recognition for all, peace, the love and the National Union. You are responsible for our suffering and your struggle that we will be released and justified. During those days when you are in the dungeon of those who took us all, all taken to our dignity and our hope, where you suffer the worst persecutions, you present us with your loud cry and in suffering, you will have may have given up the fight, betrayed the people and saved you alone by leaving Cameroon where it is today, lost by the hatred and greed of the rulers, you continue the fight by telling us never to give up when we fight for dignity of the man, for his salvation, for the just cause, because we leave there the imprints of a life to give all for the good of the other, of the multitude. You are this Messiah undoubtedly predicted by Um Nyobe and the nationalists: "". You are the envoy of God who comes to save Cameroon.

May the Lord give you each one of us the true conversion of the heart, the discernment to follow who is in his plan of salvation for the people and that we learn to forgive and die to save our brothers and sisters. May he, oh how great is his love and power, protect you from all danger.

In the coming days, I believe that together we dance to the sounds of the bells announcing your release and that of Cameroon. For this salvation that we have long waited for is finally here and the Lord through you will shine the rays of the Sun of Justice, Peace and Love of which he is himself. I love you so much and support you doggedly. May the Lord bless you and bless Cameroon and our many executioners blinded by hatred, greed, tribalism and wickedness.

Journalist: Aurelien William Tamo