Monday, March 25, 2019

Washington Includes Atanga Nji Among 27 Personalities Sanctioned By The US Administration

According to French newspapers Le Monde and Le Courrier, the US administration has imposed sanctions against 27 Cameroonian personalities.

These personalities like the ministers Paul Atanga Nji of the Territorial Administration, Joseph Beti Assomo of the Defense, or Rene Claude Meka, chief of staff of the armies, would thus be prohibited, with the members of their families access to the United States, and could also see their holdings in American banks frozen.

A binding measure for the power of Yaoundé to urgently open an inclusive dialogue to find solutions to the serious socio-political crisis that for more than two years has weakened the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

Visiting Cameroon, Tibor Nagy, the US Under Secretary of State for African Affairs has returned to the conflict by saying that the national dialogue must be absolutely open to find a solution. Because, he explained, "the poor people of the North-West and the South-West suffer so much." "So we have to focus on that and perhaps go further and consider an international forum," he added.

For the US envoy, "the government underestimates the scale of the problem." As a result, he would not be "serious" in resolving the crisis.The "international forum" therefore appears as a way to prevent going around in circles.

Before, the "Mr. Africa" ​​of the US State Department wanted to point out that there is a convergence of views between Washington and other Western countries on Cameroon. "Before starting this trip, I had the opportunity to be in Paris and meet with G7 African directors.And I'm absolutely delighted that we really have something in common with Cameroon, "said Tibor Nagy.

The European Union (EU) in a statement regretted an "unacceptable number of victims and a heavy impact in humanitarian and economic terms" and called for "an inclusive dialogue" to resolve the crisis.

The government reacted by denouncing "the interference of foreign powers in the internal affairs of Cameroon."

Prepared by: Eric Adjouda.