Tuesday, March 26, 2019

US sanction: resignations announced around Biya

Several Cameroonian ministers will leave Paul Biya. In any case, this is the prediction of the Cameroonian activist Roland Nguini. According to the latter, these resignations will follow the US sanction announced against 27 Cameroonian personalities including ministers and army officers.

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The announced prophecy is fulfilled, believe !!!

Cameroonian personalities among whom are ministers, general officers of the army and many others are sanctioned by the USA. I already told you.

Their assets will be frozen, their real estate seized. They will be prohibited from traveling to the USA, their families with. That's not all, many will resign from the government, several officers will defect or take a stand against the regime. I insist.

I also announce to you that several Cameroonian personalities will soon face international justice for crimes against humanity, genocide. All the elements of the puzzle are gradually being put in place, rest assured.

Roland Nguini

You will say on the last day that I am a prophet.

Source: camerounweb.com