Wednesday, March 27, 2019

US sanction: furious, Jean de Dieu Momo reveals everything

In a publication of which he alone has the secret, the current Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice Jean de Dieu Momo questions the reasons for his presence on the list of Cameroonian personalities who would be subject to US sanctions.

"??? me too Mama ??? I am on the list targeted by US sanctions ??? What did I do? So I, the 30-year-old friend of the Americans, would suddenly fall out of favor because of my support for President Paul Biya ??? And I was only a friend of Americans when I was in opposition? I was surprised not to be invited to the American party last year as every year. Nor at the UK Embassy. When I came to complain about human rights violations, could they use that in their reports to put pressure on my country? To blackmail the authorities of my country to obtain lucrative contracts in exchange ??? And since I realized that I was playing against my country like so many so-called fighters who do not know that they sell their country to foreigners, then I am no longer the expert consultant ???? Ok I understand but I love my country and I use it against wind and tide. And I also love the other nations of the world and talk to them about privileged relationships of friendship and fraternity. "These are the words of the current member of the government, who yesterday was a fierce opponent of the Yaoundé regime, has become one of these greatest lauds.

As a reminder, a list of 27 Cameroonian personalities (members of government, parliamentarians, military, senior magistrates) including Jean de Dieu Momo, the Minister of Territorial Administration Atanga Nji, the Minister of Defense, among others, circulates in the social networks for a few days, under the supposed sanctions of the United States, who would prepare against them. These personalities would be accused of being among those who maintain the tense socio-political situation currently prevailing in Cameroon.