Thursday, March 28, 2019

US punishment: the great danger await Paul Biya

At the moment, according to several generally reliable sources, the Americans, presumably, have already established a list of 27 Cameroonian dignitaries, considered dangerous, called to undergo targeted sanctions including the freezing of their assets and the ban on treading the American soil.

When we know the place occupied by the country of Uncle Sam in the game of international relations and in the hearts of those, such information should be taken very seriously by the power of Yaounde. Indeed, according to the Cameroonian authorities who hailed a few days ago, "the excellent relations" that the two countries would maintain, such information, if it were to come to fruition, would be a dangerous precedent for Paul's country. Biya. Which one really does not need it, now that everything falls on us: war in the English-speaking part of Cameroon, call for the release of political prisoners, return of the band to Ayuk in Nigeria, war against boko haram, garish insecurities to the East and in Adamaoua.

But, it would be the ostrich. Because, on his last trip to Cameroon, the US Under Secretary of State for African Affairs, Mr. Tibor Nagy, not to name him, not only made shattering statements, but very rarely, at Etoudi's palace, the president received a very embarrassing gift, his own portrait, in black and white, in the company of ... 41st American president, George HW Bush, whom he met at the White House on May 6, 1991, he 28 years ago. Mr. Paul Biya who understands the codes, can not have not understood the said message and this, despite the untimely jeremiads of his entourage or diplomatic remarks held at the front steps of the palace of the unit by this guest of a another kind which, incidentally, has gone unnoticed, that Ambassador Berlerin, like him, are representatives of the United States Government and that he is a "great diplomat" (referring to the "councils" of Peter Berlerin to President Biya a few weeks before the nomination papers for the presidential election last October).

As a reminder, last month, the US announced the reduction of their aid to the Government of Cameroon. Last week, the US military in support of the fight against boko haram in the North, folded luggage even as the mission could have been renewed. Moreover, last weekend, the United Nations by the way of the United Kingdom, asked to come to make an investigation in Cameroon as part of the war in the NOSO.

It is therefore necessary to draw the bell of alarm so that the points of discord between our two countries are smoothed;that our difficulties are quickly solved by ourselves, by not giving the impression that we are overwhelmed by the problems.Because, by not solving our problems by ourselves, Cameroon, which is not a giant on the international scene, risks being imposed solutions that it would not have chosen. Thus are the power relations in international relations, no offense to some "sovereignists" casual, lacking conviction and seem to play with fire.

Reporter: Emmanuel MIMBÈ