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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

URGENT: Paul Biya refuses to meet Maurice Kamto

In an interview broadcast on March 19, 2019 on the antennas of RFI, the spokesman of the government responds to the request of Maurice Kamto, relayed by his French lawyer Me Dupont Moretti, to meet Paul Biya.

The spokesman of the government reacts in fact to the interview granted the day before to Radio France Internationale (RFI), by Me Dupont Moretti who urged the Cameroonian authorities to release his client, Maurice Kamto.

Me Dupont Moretti, the lawyer of Maurice Kamto, calls to the wisdom of the power so that one finds quickly a solution for his client. What do you think ?

Master Dupont Moretti is undoubtedly a renowned lawyer. But we deplore the condescension and the remarks made by Mr. Moretti whose reading of the facts or the version he has received is completely false. All that leads him to move away from the legal ground to engage on political considerations. The charges and the detention of Maurice Kamto and his supporters are clear and in accordance with the laws and regulations of Cameroon. They can not therefore be described as arbitrary or ubiquitous, as Mr. Moretti has peremptorily asserted.

In his interview on RFI Monday morning, Me Dupont Moretti lends his client, Maurice Kamto the following words: "I wish to say a few things to President Biya;I do not want to put oil on the fire; but I also want to respect my rights. "

Listen, we ask Mr. Moretti that he did not come to Cameroon as a mediator, who, moreover, defends himself to be a lesson giver or an arsonist, to stick strictly to the mission which is the his. That is to say, to defend his clients before the Cameroonian courts, and not to echo inept arguments or surreal claims about an alleged victory stolen from Mr. Kamto.

But, the request made by Mr. Kamto of a meeting with his former opponent, Paul Biya; Is it not a gesture of openness?

President Biya can not be considered to be on an equal footing with Mr. Kamto. Mr. Kamto is a citizen like everyone else, I think that today he must stop thinking of himself as an alter ego. I would like to point out that Mr. Kamto and his supporters are before the Cameroonian courts for facts that have nothing to do with their political commitment.

The defendants risk the death sentence while they have not killed anyone. Can not that sound shocking?

Laws are the laws, and justice will appreciate. It is up to the Cameroonian judges to appreciate the gravity of the facts of each other and to take the sentences that both deserve.

The European Union, through Federica Mogherini (High Representative), denounces disproportionate measures against Maurice Kamto and his 160 fellow detainees. Does all this not hurt the image of your country?

Maurice Kamto and his supporters were arrested, not for political acts, but for common law facts. They called for the insurgency, they called for banned protests, and you remember the ransacking of the Cameroon embassies in Paris and Berlin by the supporters of Mr. Maurice Kamto. It can not be denied that these acts were committed at the call of Mr Maurice Kamto and his supporters.

On several occasions, Maurice Kamto denounced the attacks of the Cameroonian embassies abroad. On the US side, US Under Secretary Tibor Nagy said it would be wise to release Maurice Kamto. Is not this an opinion that weighs all the same, that of your American ally?

These claims are unsubstantiated claims.We must all learn from the decisions that will be made by our justice which is an independent judiciary and which is composed of experienced magistrates and also, which is under no influence from the public authorities.

Does the audience that President Paul Biya granted on Monday to Tibor Nagy can advance the case Maurice Kamto?

From what I know of the hearing, these issues have not been mentioned. This hearing took place in very good conditions.The remarks of circumstance which one could hear lately, have in no way damaged the excellent relations between the United States and Cameroon. Mr. Tibor Nagy himself declared it at the end of the hearing where he reiterated that relations between Yaoundé and Washington are perfect. Likewise, he added, the prospects for the future between our two countries will grow stronger on all fronts, in particular at the commercial level, and that our two governments will work in this direction. Finally, after having affirmed the attachment of the United States to the stability and indivisibility of Cameroon, he paid a warm tribute to President Paul Biya, whose wisdom and intelligence he appreciated.

Among the remarks of circumstance, Tibor Nagy declared that the English crisis could be overcome if for example the governors of the regions of North-West and South-West were elected by the populations of these two regions.

The decentralization process is underway.In the coming months, certainly, regional elections will be organized and regional councilors will be elected and local personalities from different regions will have increased rights to assume their local responsibilities. But Mr. Nagy took the opportunity to suggest that the Cameroonian government organize consultations. We access this kind of proposal. A commission, as you know, to appeal to our lost compatriots has been put in place and the hand is extended to them. We believe that all these initiatives will enable Cameroon, within a relatively short time, to restore stability, order and peace in the two regions of North-West and South-West.