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Friday, March 1, 2019

Trial of Maurice Kamto, on the way to Geneva

- Question from the journalist of an international television: "The defense must still be done in Cameroon on these counts? ".

- Answer by Master Eric Dupond-Moretti: "I will try to go to Cameroon to meet my clients and then we will go to Geneva. These arrests are a clear violation of human rights, and Geneva is a guarantor of the sacred temple of international rights ".

The outline of the defense strategy can already be seen in the background. We understand that most of the trial will be expatriated. Go to Geneva, it will be a lawsuit against the trial itself; it will be a lawsuit against the law itself. Going to Geneva, it will span the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure to appeal to the "Code" of human rights (or more precisely the "Charter of Human Rights").To go to Geneva will be to fly over the State of Cameroon and face the force of all the United Nations, this force was it symbolic.

If the heavy suspicions that weigh on the legality of the conditions of the arrest and detention of the accused are confirmed before the Human Rights Council, this will bring a final discredit on the trial. Criminal justice is not a breakable tablet: a state that has failed to arrest and detain fairly can not judge equitably.

Going to Geneva is also, and above all, implementing the Secret Code of Judicial Strategy, which borrows much from the Art of War as taught by Sun TZU: "Generally, the one who occupies the field first and wait for the enemy is in a position of strength; whoever arrives at the scene later and rushes into battle is already weakened. "

It is here that the lawyer found the power to determine ahead of time what direction to give a criminal trial begins. If he is well educated on his true strength, the lawyer may carry a more powerful voice than that of any state.

Let's go to Geneva!

Reporter: Christian Bomo Ntimbane