Sunday, March 3, 2019

Thursday March 7th 2019 :The ‘Judicial’ Day in Cameroon, Ayuk Tabe Julius Sesiku and Co. will stand trial at the Military court in Yaounde

Thursday March 7th  2019 :The ‘Judicial’ Day in Cameroon.

- Ayuk Tabe Julius Sesiku and other leaders of the interim Government of the Ambazonia Republic will stand trial at the Military court in Yaounde.

Lawyers defending the detainees will concretize their arguments for the transfer of the case to Nigeria on the verdict of Abuja Federal High Court that has ruled for the immediate transfer of the detainees to Nigeria.

Lawyers say no legal instrument permits the government of Cameroon to snub the decision of Abuja High Court. Will Cameroon judicial service bow to the demands of the court in Nigeria is what March 7th will seek to answer.

At the Mfoundi High court in Yaounde still on March 7th, militants and sympathizers of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Party of Professor Maurice Kamto will gather for what is expected to be a landmark verdict.

Team of lawyers defending Professor Maurice Kamto and his militants successfully removed the case from the military court to a civilian court. On application of Habeas Corpus, the defending lawyers want Professor Kamto et al to be release on grounds of illegal arrest and detention.

7th of March, women in Cameroon will definitely be finalizing preparations for the celebration of the 34th edition of International Women’s day. But will the women celebrate when fellow women like Bar. Michelè Ndoki and many others arrested from Bafoussam,Douala and Yaounde are in jail for protesting against bad governance?

Will they celebrate when most women and girls in the North west and South West are in forests using backs of trees as sanitary pads because of insecurity? .

The 7th of March 2019 might not dramatically turn around the unrest, violence, arbitrary arrest and total disregards of the rule of law in Cameroon  but it’s a day that book makers will have to observe keenly within judicial circles.

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