Monday, March 25, 2019

This is why Paul Biya must obey Trump's advice relentlessly

In response to the last question of the impenitent Mr. Boisbouvié of RFI this March 19, 2019, and in relation to the relations between Cameroon and the US, Minister Sadi emphasized with emphasis that they are "excellent". However, according to wisdom, "there are truths that can only be said to his close friend".

And, contrary to certain opinions naively and abusively autonomists, the USA are, in more than one title, and what is more, within the framework of the war in its English part, the best adviser of Cameroon. And for good reason:

They have the experience of the war of secession

Indeed, between 1861 and 1865, the United States of America, led by Abraham Lincoln, and the Confederate States of America, led by Jefferson Davis and bringing together eleven southern states that had seceded from the United States, were make war. And for them, this clash, "the most terrible of wars," killed 620,000 in four years. What carnage at the moment of surrender! They agreed not to "kill each other, brothers having the same destiny".There is the first warning of Americans to Cameroon: the human tragedy to avoid. So we should not paint half the story or truncate it to try to draw the lines tending to make believe that the USA themselves, a lesson giver before the eternal, had warred to conclude that In Cameroon, power should make war on its people. Because for them, the consequence is a council.

The US has knowledge of wars with no tomorrow

One of the wars with no tomorrow is precisely asymmetrical warfare. That is to say, a war between the armed force of a state and materially insignificant combatants, who use the weak points of the adversary to achieve their goal often political or religious: in Afghanistan, the prevailing public opinion in America thinks that "children" must go home, following unsatisfactory results; in Somalia, it has turned back; in Iraq, it got bogged down. Now, it is the asymmetrical techniques imposed on us by the secessionists in Cameroon. For how long are we going to get bogged down? This is the second concern of the US face the difficulty of winning this kind of war, but which incurs costs that can not support our meager resources especially with the political crisis in watermark. The proof, since the outbreak of the war against boko haram, the official discourse tends to make believe that everything is under control, but we are still with the means that are ours ...

The USA finally have the provisional information

They know indeed that, if we are not careful, centrifugal forces will enter the dance and it would be an open door to the "Sudanization" of Cameroon. Everyone will make their small budget based on their / and / or their support (s) and it will be endless war for the benefit of gun dealers.But Americans do not want it and attract the attention of Cameroon while this is still possible.

In total, whispering the interference everywhere, every time and without any relevant analysis of what we really are, is to make the bed in a non-enchanting aftermath and that, Cameroon does not need it. Moreover, sovereignty in the 21st century is a lure (currently in the US, an investigation is pending on the involvement of Russia in its electoral system during the election of Trump, the European Union, China, can not say otherwise). On the contrary, Cameroonians have to recover and re-establish themselves with "the palaver box", the bedrock of African democracy, the very foundation of modern democracy, so much praised by others. There lies the magic solution, if any, to the essence of our problems, and therefore the war in the English-speaking part of Cameroon. In this, the USA, are good advisers.


Reporter: Emmanuel Mimbè