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Friday, March 15, 2019

This is why Bamileke can not bring down

This is my last political post to charge. I resume my journey. But, I want one last for the road. I am aware that my posts load irritate some people. Unfortunately, we can not undergo the dictation of the dominant order as under the regime in place!

In a democracy, criticism is the exercise of the citizen's right of scrutiny. Criticism improves. For example, we can see that the RCM communicates better. It's good !It was necessary to distance oneself from the thugs. In the Republic, anarchists do not lead to power. They lead leaders to prison to the extent that not everything is allowed.

Why am I going out right now after a year and a half of political silence? When you see experts entering the bush, you doubt their real intentions. For example, you are not asking for the release of a political prisoner through law enforcement; the law is liberticide. You get the release of a political prisoner by the pressure. It's not the lawyers who say the law; it's the judge.In a non-democratic system, the judge receives his instructions from politics. He will respect them despite the quality of the lawyers. We must not waste time on the people. We must act where it is needed. If you put 10,000 people in the street of Yaounde at 10:00, you will get the necessary compromise to release your prisoners before 18 hours. Do not go around people. The political rise is not done with the avocados. Political ascent is done with the communicants. They will build your desired image. Short….

When an expert starts telling you that 32 is equal to 500, then you have to be wary. In each discipline, there is basic knowledge that a teacher can not control. There are mistakes that experts do not commit. If they commit it, then it would be because they have an ulterior motive.

These are not the opportunities to bring down Biya that have been missing for the last 10 years. It was the opinion leaders who saved Biya and drowned the hope of the people. We can not envy Algeria, Burkina Faso, Tunisia, etc. We had our own opportunities that still have not worked.The case of Vanessa's baby could have brought down the diet. The whole people had been moved. But, it is the leaders who buried the cause. We can cite the hunger riots, the Koumatekel affair, the Eséka disaster, and so on. For the last case, I remember that Valsero had composed a pamphlet to accompany the mobilization.The people had loved "33 years ..."; he would have loved that one! He was never able to broadcast on time! Censorship did not come directly from the regime. It was appalling!

Anyone who has set foot in a communication class knows that attention is a zero sum game. To put it simply, it switches to the left or to the right. If you do not hold it to the left, it will go to the right and vice versa. The strategy is to captivate and maintain the attention of your side. Between opposition and power, it is this game that is played. Attention is the foundation of communication. When you have it on your side, you have to use it thoroughly. It can be difficult to see how the experts let the attention swing to the other side. Better in politics, when you have the favorable balance of power, you take advantage of it to knock out your opponent. The problem in Cameroon is that when the people have a favorable balance of power, the leaders let it slip into the opposite camp, preferring to brandish the strategy of victimization. To put it simply: you have the power in hand;instead of taking it, do you prefer to drop it to victimize you after?

In 2017, the people had the balance of power in favor of NoSo. Those who took the place of leaders refused to cross the Moungo to reach Yaoundé. Today, they can burn all the NoSo that Yaounde would remain imperturbable. They victimize themselves, but it's useless. Question: how can the strongest end up begging? On January 26, 2019, the people still had the favorable balance of power. At 18 hours, the institutions were already falling in Europe and it was just necessary to continue so that it falls also in the country.But, no one gave the slogan to continue, favoring the fall of the fever of the demonstrators.

On the contrary, they waited several days to go to lunch together in Douala and to be arrested in order to victimize themselves.In Algeria, the indignant people continued to push. That's why he won. In Cameroon, the fever still falls. It's because the regime is among us. And those who represent the diet among us do anything but what to do.It's like development aid: we fund everything except what needs to be financed to fight poverty. And each year, we invest a little more to feed the cooperants but, poverty progresses galloping!

How are these people behaving among us? They are the most radical. We must not suspect them! Except they are so radical that it borders on ridicule! They are always there to sack, to create wars of leadership. The goal is that nothing good is built. They are there always to create the amalgam. There is no need for clarity and transparency. The mafia thrives only in the blur, the disorder. They are there to tackle all moralities and other icons. They must be the only virtuous. In fact, they need to channel the attention of the people to better divert it to the turning point. We never managed to take the last bend that leads to Biya. That's why he's still in power.

You want to support Kamto? The radicals who claim to work for him will explain that he was arrested because he is Bamileke.They know that it serves his cause, but the goal is to reduce it to an ethnic leader.They know they have to rake wide to win but, they will work to launch the fatwa against all other representative leaders.They know very well that it is to kill all the chances of coalition.

Around the world, we flatter the partners.In Cameroon, they are insulted. Around the world, the army and the police are flattered. It is even taught that they must be brought flowers, water, bread, etc. In Cameroon, they are insulted knowing that we can not succeed without the support of the army. The regime could only give in Algeria because the army had already been struck with empathy. In Cameroon, we know very well that the withdrawal of identity will serve the cause, but we still stoke it. Between us, who benefits from the crime?

My problem is that I do not trust Kamto himself. Kamto is not a learner. There are mistakes that experts do not commit. I zapped him the night when I saw on the news that he had synchronized the filing of his candidacy with Paul Biya: The MRC and the DPRK had filed together their applications as true accomplices. In fact, the RCM had legitimized the nth candidacy of Paul Biya in 2018 when this could have been the subject of a real subject of popular protest. It was finished ! Paul Biya and his opponent were candidates! No more possible to oppose elections; the results were known in advance; the dice were stacked and the MRC knew it.

What was the goal of the MRC when posting with the CPDM? Destroy the SDF or win the CPDM? Suppose it was a coincidence and let's move on! But imagine in Algeria the main opponent going to apply with Bouteflika. He would have legitimized his fifth term and the mobilization would have given nothing.Everything we appreciate elsewhere could happen at home. But, some of our leaders do anything but what to do. And yet, they are teachers! We can not say that they did not know.

The regime keeps them all. That's what I understood. This is another subject.

I also understood that it is better to cultivate his field while waiting for the diet to fall from his own death. It has lasted too long and it holds a lot of people at a lot of level. People have compromised themselves and often without knowing it.You are reminded when you raise your head. The intelligence services are working to wet everyone. And as the artist had sung, "there is no wet-dry".

Why am I reacting now? I do not want to be complicit in driving the people to slaughter. Everyone knows that Biya will pass soon. Why take a path that leads to the pogrom when you are not serious?Identity populism always leads to pogrom.Are you going to blame the 1990 generation for collaborating with the regime? But at least they did not cause any crime against humanity. The current madness leads us right to the cemetery.It's up to everyone and their conscience to react. I said my part and I assume it!

Reporter: Louis Marie Kakdeu