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Sunday, March 24, 2019

This is the reason why Me Simh and Bibou Nissack are banned from leaving Cameroon

This could be called "more-plus-plus climbing!" In the wake of the US Deputy Secretary of State's visit to Cameroon, which has explicitly demanded the release of political leaders imprisoned in the post-election crisis that has been going on since October 2018, the Biya regime has decided to ban the country's exit from the country. two prominent executives of the MRC of Maurice Kamto, particularly active in defending the civil rights trampled on by their political comrades and other Cameroonians caught in the ruts of systemic oppression.

How far will the regime go in repressing and muzzling all those who are somehow related to Maurice Kamto? No one knows it yet, but the latest news from the Republic of Cameroon, which has been ruled for 37 years by an old senator, who is officially 86 years old, is not reassuring about the fate his regime intends to reserve for his opponents that they make all throats.

We learn since Friday, March 22, 2019 that the lawyer Emanuel Simh, 3rd Vice President of the National Directorate of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC), has just been struck a measure of prohibition of exit from the territory national. And not only him, because the same measure would also target Olivier Bibou Nissack, the spokesman of the national president of the MRC, Maurice Kamto.

Information distilled by the power in place for a few days, already reported that officials of the local pool of defense Muarice Kamto could be solicited by foreign lawyers dealing with the international side of the case to provide clarification before the international authorities. The news of the ban on leaving the territory seems to be part of the logic of restraining what could be a real campaign to expose the regime.

It should be noted, at the risk of pushing open doors, that Professor Maurice Kamto, President of the National Directory of the MRC and candidate victorious in the presidential election of October 7, 2018, but arbitrarily declared 2nd by the Constitutional Council of the country behind the incumbent candidate Paul Biya has been imprisoned since January 28 in the company of hundreds of party activists and leaders of other political parties and civil society movements who have committed the crime, in the eyes of the government, to support his candidacy as part of an Allied Coalition for Change. They are the former Technical Adviser to the Presidency, Christian Penda Ekoka (President of the AGIR Movement), former MP Albert Dzongang (President of the Dynamics Party), the former mayor of Njombe-Penja, Paul Eric Kingue (President of the Patriotic Movement for a New Cameroon Party) and artist Abe Abe Gaston dit Valsero (leader of the Young Revolutionary Movement).

If for the moment no one knows how far the regime wants or will go in his tussle, another question arises: How long will the Cameroonians who are targeted by this crackdown continue to let go?

One thing is certain, the regime is gaining more and more head start over Cameroonians, and its supporters rejoice over the media and social networks, taking also example on the case of Venezuela where the Chief of Staff self-proclaimed President Juan Guaido was arrested on Thursday. According to them, the fact that the United States is powerless to prevent the Maduro regime to suppress its opposition is the consequence of the presence alongside the Maduro regime of Russia and China, two powers with sophisticated armaments to neutralize United States. They are a direct parallel between Venezuela and Cameroon, where the same powers (Russian and Chinese) support the regime.