Monday, March 25, 2019

Sparrowhawk: Mebe Ngo'o and foreign ministers trapped in another case

Spanish justice suspects former defense minister and senior officials of the Cameroonian administration, but also foreigners, of bribes in several contracts for the purchase of military equipment for the army Cameroonian.

The veil is gradually lifted on the facts alleged Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo'o. The former Minister of Defense (2009-2015), his wife and three of his former collaborators were placed at the beginning of March 2019, under remand detention in Yaoundé-Kondengui central prison. The former regime baron and his co-defendants are suspected of corruption and embezzlement of public funds in several cases.

Among these cases, that related to five contracts that Mebe Ngo'o had concluded between 2006 and 2013 with the Spanish company DEFEX. The said contracts signed on behalf of Cameroon, concerned the supply of armored equipment and maritime safety equipment, for a total amount of 99.4 million euros (approximately 65 billion FCFA). These contracts were signed with a Spanish named Manuel Iglesias Sarria, at the time commercial director of DEFEX.

In its newsstand issue from March 24 to 30, 2019, the pan-African magazine Jeune Afrique (JA) reveals some details of the affair in which Iberian justice is concerned."The investigating judge believes that these contracts were used to conceal bribes paid to Cameroonian officials and suspects Rear Admiral Pierre Njine Djonkam and the French businessman Philippe Bourcier - a regular Hilton hotel in Yaoundé - to have organized the network, "says the newspaper.

Philippe Bourcier has created seven companies based in Cameroon, the United Kingdom and the British Virgin Islands.These companies, in turn, made transfers totaling € 414,147.42, on the accounts of fifteen persons. For the Spanish justice, the transaction is doubtful.

Among the personalities mentioned, note JA, are Essomba Abanda, manager at the Cameroon Ministry of Labor (€ 67,016.93);Gervais Evangane Foumane, defense attaché at the Cameroon Embassy in France (35,000 euros); Pierre Njine Djonkam, in charge of monitoring equipment maintenance at the Ministry of Defense (14,000 euros); and Véronique, his wife (5,800 euros); Romain Ngongang, head of the Yaoundé planning department at the Ministry of Urban Development (186,211.99 euros); Essomba Ngoula Blaise, director at the Ministry of Planning (23,545.33 euros); Jean Calvin Momba, Chief of Staff of the Air Force (27,000 euros); Jean-Bernard Avouma, former adviser to Ali Bongo and ambassador of Gabon in Turkey (18,697.48 euros); Oumar Gueye, Senegalese Minister of Fisheries (9973.02 euros), "reports our colleague.