Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Sparrowhawk: here is the one who successfully delivered Mebe Ngo'o to Paul Biya

To get his hands on CFAF 9 billion in a weapons sale, the former Minister of Defense (Mindef) had presented a letter of guarantee from the State of Cameroon to a Croatian company. Verification made to the BEAC, it's a fake.

"Please indicate to us whether the guarantee that we send you herewith was actually issued by BEAC, because we have received this guarantee from Mebe on the basis of the contract concluded for the supply of helmets". On 28 September 2010, the Croatian arms trading company Sestan-Busch wrote to the Governor of the Bank of Central African States (BEAC). In this correspondence which Repères was able to obtain a copy, the Croatian company justifies its referral to the BEAC: "According to this contract that we concluded with the Ministry of Defense of Cameroon, our company has spent more than 450 000 euros and because we asked them to provide us with the bank guarantee that will guarantee that we pay again 2.5% that we will receive our payment of the contract for a total amount of 14 224 000 euros (a little more than 9 billion FCFA)".

After having "answered negatively by telephone" to the Croatian company Sestan-Busch, the then BEAC Governor seized the Mindef to "[...] send you, for all intents and purposes, documents that the BEAC has received from a Croatian company, the Sestan-Busch Company, in connection with an alleged BEAC financial guarantee for a contract for the sale of weapons ". And Lucas Abaga Nchama is formal: "As for the financial guarantee, it is obviously wrong". For the governor of the BEAC, "this operation is unknown to the BEAC services. The central bank has never given such a guarantee or at least been in a position to grant it. The boss of the BEAC argues: "The letterhead is not that of the BEAC. The signatories affixed to the document are not those of the BEAC officials mentioned as signatories".

In order for the State of Cameroon to be aware of what is going on behind its back, and to guard itself against any previous accusation of complicity, Mr. Abaga Nchama informs the Minister of Finance of the time, Essimi Menye: "I I have the honor to send you, for all practical purposes, a copy of the letter and documents that I sent to the Minister Delegate for the Presidency of the Republic in charge of Defense in connection with an alleged financial guarantee from the BEAC concerning a contract of sale of arms".

"Small network capped by Mindef"

The final word of this case, it must be found in an information note addressed to the head of State a few years later. "Honor to bring to your attention that, for two years, a small network headed by the Mindef, internationally, swindled the company Company Sestan Busch, specializing in the sale of heavy weapons and ammunition," can we read in this note.The authors report that "in 2010, during a stay in Europe, the Mindef, Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo'o, negotiates with this company the possibility and the possibility of the signing of a contract for the delivery of 'weapons in Cameroon'.

In passing, informs the mail to the address of Paul Biya, the Mindef obtains from its interlocutors the sum of 450,000 euros, about 315 million FCFA. The info clear and sharp. For this record, the note explains that the Mindef place "his three men of confidence on the spot. They are Benjamin Atéba, police commissioner and private secretary of Mindef, Léonard Maxime Mbangué, researcher at Mindef, and Patrick Eyeffa, a businessman from Mindef. They will make false BEAC bank guarantees to make Sestan-Busch believe that the Cameroonian state has anointed [this transaction] through the BEAC ". The info clear and sharp. It is with this financial guarantee that the "small network" raises Sestan-Busch by requesting an advance of 2.5% of the total amount of the transaction. It is this "financial bulimia" before the end of a sales transaction that awakens the heads of the Croatian company. Who seizes the governor of the BEAC to reassure himself of the authenticity of the documents put at his disposal by Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo'o and company. The response of Lucas Abaga Nchama is sententious:

"This financial guarantee is false". Game over. The network formed enters into hibernation. While waiting for the justice is interested in this file, one notes that, among the men of Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo'o in this file, Léonard Maxime Mbangue is today placed under deposit mandate with his suzerain At Kondengui Central Prison in Yaoundé. Until then, and in the current state of our information, Benjamin Ateba does not yet interest justice. The man has risen in rank since the events of 2010 and is now chief commissioner. This former head of the caisses at the General Delegation of National Security (DGSN) at the time of Mr. Mebe Ngo'o. The former Private Secretary for Defense and Transport is now working at the DGSN.