Sunday, March 10, 2019

Southern Cameroons Crisis: 208 Ambazonians killed, 875 injured in 2019

Cameroon government forces have killed 208 Southern Cameroonians in the Northern and Southern Zones of West Cameroon in the first week of February 2019, according to a Cameroon Intelligence Report andCameroon Concord News monitoring group.

Four Cameroon government army soldiers were killed by Ambazonia Restoration Forces during the same period in the Mezam County in the Northern Zone.  More than 875 Southern Cameroonians have been injured during 2019 clashes – the highest number of injuries in a single year ever since President Biya declared war against Anglophone Cameroonians.

Nearly 109 of those Southern Cameroonians killed and 600 of those injured were young university graduates and teenagers. Thirteen members of the Ambazonia Self Defense Council armed group were among the fatalities.

Approximately 90 percent of the fatalities and nearly 65 percent of the injuries took place after Defense Minister, Joseph Beti Assomo secretly ordered Francophone Beti-Ewondo soldiers to carry out an extermination campaign in Southern Cameroons.

According to eyewitness report, several hospitals were attacked by troops loyal to the regime in Yaounde as government soldiers searched for injured Southern Cameroonians. Hundreds of Southern Cameroonians have been injured by live ammunition with the crisis showing no signs of ending.

The Francophone dominated government has used deadly force against unarmed Southern Cameroons civilians, provoking serious condemnation from several human rights groups and an unprecedented action from the current US administration.

But in the absence of meaningful diplomacy, and with the blessing of the French government headed by Emmanuel Macron, Francophone soldiers continue to kill hundreds of Southern Cameroons citizens. Cameroon government soldier’s shocking use of force against English speaking Southern Cameroonians has resulted in the deaths of scores of innocent civilians.

Hundreds of Southern Cameroonians have sustained gunshot injuries, mainly to the limbs, and an estimated 569 people have devastating, disabling wounds that need specialist limb reconstruction treatment and long-term rehabilitation. That number continues to rise every day. 39 people have been paralyzed due to spinal cord injuries, and 77 people have permanent vision loss in both the Northern and Southern Zones in Southern Cameroons.

Four clergies including an American missionary were killed by Cameroon government forces and dozens of Roman Catholic seminarians injured.  

A senior political observer noted that:

“If someone had told me in 1982 that Biya could be this wicked, I would not have believed it. Why is he sending soldiers to burn down people’s houses in villages that do not even know anything about the rebellion that is taking place in the country? Has he got children? Does he know about the law of karma? There is no way that he and his collaborators will avoid the long hand of karma. They will live long to bury their children for their evil. The following will cry for years before dying.

Paul BiyaJoseph Beti AssomouRene SadiFame NdongoFerdinand Ngoh NgohAtanga NjiIssa TchiromaJoseph OwonaTabetandoMarcel Niat NjifenjiCayaye Yegue DjibrilAchidi AchuNalova LyongaPeter Mafany MusongeLaurent Esso

All CPDM parliamentarians in the Northwest and Southwest regions.

All Northwest and Southwest senators. Their silence in the face of this genocide is clearly an approval of it.

All army generals who are ordering these massacres.

The SDOs and DOs in the two English-speaking regions of the country

The foot soldiers who are blindly implementing the orders to kill innocent people. May they suffer from the worst form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The governors of the SW and NW regions.

I wish all of these people a long life for them to go through the most violent health disorders. Cameroon belongs to them. I hope they will never leave it behind them. I will want to see them buried with Cameroon.”

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai