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Friday, March 22, 2019

Sociopolitical crisis: Trump wants to punish 27 members of the Biya regime

The diplomatic climate between Washington and Yaounde is bleak. Already rainy relationships may become stormy. After the visit of US Under Secretary of State for African Affairs Tibor Nagy in Cameroon and his audience with President Paul Biya, the White House will further harden its position to bend the regime.

According to the newspaper Le Monde, the United States plans to take financial sanctions against certain personalities of the regime who will be banned from staying on American soil. In addition, their assets would be frozen. The US State Department has already drawn up a list of 27 personalities of the Biya regime against whom these sanctions will be applied.

Moreover, the European Union, which has made an exit to criticize the management of the Anglophone crisis by the Cameroonian authorities, would be on the same wavelength as the United States. France, which has often served as an umbrella for Paul Biya, can not continue to protect him.

Paul Biya is cornered. Western countries want to force him to organize an inclusive dialogue to stop the war. A meeting could be organized to begin negotiations between the Yaoundé regime and the secessionists on a neutral ground.

It should be recalled that the United States has put an end to several programs of military and security assistance in Cameroon on the basis of accusations of "serious violations of human rights" by the Cameroonian police. "After careful consideration" of "our security relationship with Cameroon", "the US government has put an end to some of our cooperation," said an official of the US State Department.

"We are not taking these measures lightly, but we will not shy away from further decreasing our aid in light of the changing situation," he warned. Washington is ready to tighten the rope even more to smother a regime whose coffers are red, and who must fight on several safe fronts.

Subsequently, the United States stopped the training of Cameroonian soldiers, the delivery of spare parts for the C-130 military transport aircraft belonging to the Cameroonian fleet, as well as the delivery of four patrol boats, nine armored vehicles and four a radar system. Washington has also withdrawn from its proposal to be a candidate for a US training program for its Cameroonian defense forces.

The total amount of aid eliminated by the United States amounted to more than $ 17 million. The effects are already felt on the ground where Boko Haram takes the hair of the beast. The proposed financial sanctions against personalities, will further weaken a regime weakened by poverty, youth unemployment, secessionists, marches of the diaspora, Maurice Kamto and his supporters.