Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Rebound in the Kamto affair: Paris loose Paul Biya

DUPONT Moretti's Mission in Cameroon would not have been just a lawyer's mission to meet his client.

According to the Confidential Newsletter of the Continent Moretti Bridge and MINIART are the two tenors of the Paris Bar and close to power.

MINIARD is the lawyer of the Holland family for thirty years and the ATTALI Family. It is he who has introduced MACRON young banker and friend of ATTALI to Holland Patron of the PS and after Candidate to Elysee. This lawyer is also close to the current Minister of Foreign Affairs Yves LEDRIAN Breton like him and common friend with Holland and MACRON. It is possible that MINIARD is associated with KAMTO in a Parisian Cabinet and also pleaded with him on the BAKASSI file.

Under the pressure of the Lobby of Lawyers of International Law in France and particularly those of the UN International Law Commission in GENEVA which was chaired by KAMTO, MACRON and LE DRIAN were seized of the case and put pressure by this lobby carried by MINIARD and had telephone conversations with the Head of State of Cameroon reveals this source which has been confirmed by Yves LEDRIAN.

DUPONT De Moretti got his visa with the support of QUAI D ORSAY and arrived in Cameroon with the Aval du Quai d orsay with among others for mission.

- meet with the French Ambassador to take the on-site business pool and its implications.

- meet Professor KAMTO to get an idea of ​​his negotiating intentions and his assessment of France's position on the file.

- recover from the Cameroonian lawyers all the elements concerning the Kamto candidate's file and report in Paris.

DUPONT's proposal on KAMTO's willingness to meet the Head of State would not be a personal initiative of Moretti to want to mediate as denounced the spokesman of the Government Mr Sadi on RFI, but in reality a position supported by Elysee and known during telephone exchanges between the two Heads of State.

In short, the MORETTI Declaration at the Yaoundé press conference was an orientation of the track prescribed by the Elysee at DUPONT to propose to Kamto during his interviews.

Reporter: Anonymous