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Friday, March 1, 2019

Paul Biya: This is how Mobutu introduced Head of State to Israel

How and why did Paul Biya get closer to the State of Israel?

Succeeding President Ahmadou Ahidjo, who had set his foot in the stirrup by taking him under his wing, consecutively to a letter of recommendation from their common godfather, the black foot and Freemason Louis-Paul Aujoulat, the man with who attributed the paternity of the introduction of the homosexual in the Cameroonian political landernau, Paul Biya had believed to be able to trust the SEDEC, ancestor of the DGSE, the counter espionage outside France.

The Cameroonian president quickly disillusioned, and changed his mind after being informed of the presence of elements of the French army in Yaoundé, from Libreville on April 5, 1984, that is to say the day after the abortive attempt at a coup that almost won.

Paul Biya for a time, seriously trying to get closer to Washington for the sake of his personal security, before quickly backtracking, after realizing that the country of Uncle Sam, was actually interested only in the business and nothing else..

It is the Zairian president, Marshal Mobutu Sese Seko, who will advise him to turn to Israel. As a reminder, in the middle of the 1980s, Zaire is with Liberia, the first African to have resumed diplomatic relations broken with Israel in 1973, in solidarity with Egypt because of the Yom Kippur war.

He is a former retired colonel of Mossad, Israeli secret services, Meir Meyoukhas, Meyer for close friends, who will open the ball. The man was previously in office in Marshal Mobutu's Zaire, where he set up the famous Presidential Special Division (DSP), the praetorian guard of the dictator's sinister memory and reputation.

It was with the tacit agreement of the man - Leopold of Gbadolite that he landed at Etoudi. He will be replaced at his request, by the former military attaché at the Israeli embassy in Yaounde, Colonel Abraham Avi Sivan, called to assert his rights to retirement.

It is the latter who will set up, the famous BIR (Rapid Intervention Battalion), a special unit that is in reality the Praetorian Guard of the dictator, and escapes all control of the state -majors of the Cameroonian army. Over-equipped and very well armed, this unit receives its orders directly from the castle to which it also reports directly. A kind of army in the army and above the regular armed forces, the BIR has some kind of white breast to act with impunity. Its actions are not likely to be the subject of any investigation by any jurisdiction outside the presidency on which it directly depends.

The BIR is equipped by Sami Meyuhas, that is the supplier approved by the Israeli Ministry of Defense, operating from Geneva. Abraham Avi Sivan, will die in a mysterious helicopter crash in 2010, and will be replaced by another retired Mossad colonel named Maher Hères. It is to the latter, that one owes among others feats of arms, the liberation of French thunderstorms kidnapped by Boko Haram, but also the savage repression of the Cameroonian secessionists in the English-speaking zone.

Shortly before his death in 1996, Rabbi Leon Ashkenazi, a Franco-Israeli Jew, son of the last chief rabbi of Algeria, who is credited with bringing Cameroon and the State of Israel together, reportedly assured the Cameroonian president that that he would die in power if he wished, as long as his country would vote for Israel at the United Nations. Cameroon is thus with Eritrea, the only African country not to recognize the legal existence of Palestine.

It is also the same Rabbi Leon Ashkenazi who initiated the Cameroonian president to Kabbalah, that is to say the Jewish tradition which gives a mystical and allegorical interpretation to the Bible.

Reporter: Jean Pierre Du Pont