Sunday, March 31, 2019

Paul Biya is the best choice- Wilfried Ekanga

In a publication on March 28, political analyst Wilfried Ekanga makes a mockery of Cameroonians who refuse to join those fighting for change because they are paralyzed by the fear of Paul Biya's regime. He wonders how we can want to change and not fight to get it.

Read the whole of its publication:


The time has finally come for me to say it

Paul Biya is the best choice

Cameroonian people, you seem so cowardly

People paralyzed by fear, despite the strong desire for change

You want the freedom, but you still do not understand that she is tearing off

How can you want something and do nothing to get it?

You would like others to fight for you, and come and taste the fruit to finish

As if in human history, one people has already released another

You want others to take risks, while you say "bravo" behind the curtain

But every time your presence is required, you erase yourself like water paint

Because you're afraid of dying, you open your arms to the one who tries to kill you

This type of paradox unusual, there is in Cameroon that we can find

Then live Paul Biya, the best choice

Because when we want to live in the terror of expressing our opinions

When we want to remain a country where the contrary opinion becomes a "rebellion"

When we want bequeath to our children a state where the only right is to remain silent

It is indeed the best choice

When the mere word "political" arouses fear in your mother

When your critics against the CPDM scare your father

When your friends think that your commitment will necessarily lead you six feet underground.

So, yes: Paul Biya is the best choice, Mayor

He created a country of twenty-five million prisoners who ignore

each other Where everyone claims to be free, but at the same time avoids sensitive subjects

This is the real prison: the one with invisible walls

In Cameroon you do not risk anything ... well, as long as you say "Biya I adore you"

This is a country where people have forgotten that the state's main role is to protect you and me.

They have been given fear without anesthesia, and they do not even know that they have rights

Even under the worst of injustices, everyone prefers to pretend not to have seen

And when you ask the question, everyone responds: "I am neutral and apolitical, do you see"

Do not be fooled: it's mental paralysis, nothing more or how to lie to yourself, and believe it over

Nobody is apolitical on this earth. Neutrality does not exist

At the bottom of you, you know very well that you do not like Paul Biya

Like me, you would like to see someone else in your place

You may even be much more radical than me:

If it were up to you, maybe he would already be in the Beyond

But when you are asked the question, "What is your choice? "

You'd rather start:" I am apolitical "

As if accidents on the Douala-Yaounde spared apolitical people

, like you often refused to ride on tar, because he is the work of a particular party

Paul Biya has made politics dangerous: everyone thinks he will go to jail.

When the psychosis reaches this level, then we did hit the bottom

He turned his compatriots into monsters;who are not even more shocked that they shoot at women

They want more to see me imprisoned too, than those who have diverted the billions of CAN

"Hostility against the fatherland", for those who write texts on Facebook

But a computer thief promoted Minister of State: country of redneck

On 27 July 1942, just before being shot for a fault he had not committed, Valentin Feldman turned to his executioners and said:

" Fools, I die for you "

So I can say it finally, Paul Biya is the best choice

So you want him to go why?

Since you still refuse to join us

You hide your faces, like a little girl behind her nanny

If you think that in the face of injustice, help will come from God

So keep quiet, it's better

Ekanga Ekanga Claude Wilfried