Friday, March 22, 2019

Paul Biya has passed the age of fear of the USA

It should be clear in the minds of our merchants of miracle solutions for an '' immediate peace '', that what is true for Libya, Côte d'Ivoire or Rwanda, is not necessarily true for Cameroon, for the good and simple reason that ''Cameroon is Cameroon''. In other words, the solution to the social crisis that persists in Cameroon can only come from Cameroonians, masters of their destiny and better imbued than anyone with the issues and impacts that it entails.

Crises of this nature are taking place right next to those countries with which they have more or less solid historical ties and a similar climate, without having succeeded in establishing a permanent peace, but they have the best trick for our tropical countries, which they believe to control better than ourselves, because they have long in the past, put the stigma of this crisis. Paul Biya has gone beyond the age of panic, from rush to even the most pressing and delicate situations. In other words, he will not bite this bait that seems too artificial to impress us.

Convinced that the detention or better deprivation of liberty of Mr. Kamto and company is a purely judicial matter, I do not really see him yield to this pressure which is all of an injunction. We must be content with our cultural values ​​which also have their positive side. I do not understand why the political stability and longevity of our Heads of State is so embarrassing for Westerners. Our sultans and kings die in power, without making waves, because our customs have always admitted that. It is the same for our Heads of State, so true is it that all power comes from God.

When the will of God withdraws, even by cardiac arrest, the Head of State is no longer there. For me, it is a complex related to our status as black people to believe that true civilization is among others. That the United States of America and France change Heads of State every quarter is their potato, Cameroon is Cameroon. As for American investments in Cameroon, this seems to me yet another form of blackmail, as is the symbolic gift that this not-so-smart diplomat came to give to our Head of State. We must protest against this kind of disregard for our statesmen.

We have a forest, soil and subsoil so rich that any investor would take the risk, especially since we were among the first African countries to understand that we had to diversify our partnership to stop hunting guarded from anyone. The most curious is that while many citizens are guilty of the same mistakes, it is just a handful of them whose liberty is being demanded loud and clear.

Let us remember some of the cases "Thierry Atangana and Lydienne Eyoum" of which a certain country claimed liberation and nationality. No, we can not continue to function by maintaining these inequalities. When Longué Longué broke the French laws, he was condemned, despite the secular relations that bind us, Cameroon did not lift a finger to officially ask for his release, because Cameroon respects the laws and justice of the countries friends.

Reporter: Georges Nyazang Boyokino,