Thursday, March 21, 2019

panic within the army as Secessionists equip themselves with M21 rifles

A secessionist attack resulted in five serious injuries in the ranks of the army yesterday Wednesday in Belo in the Boyo Department (North West). The military was ambushed by separatist groups known as Amba Boys.

According to the military report of the attack, the exchange of fire lasted several hours between the elements of the defense forces and the secessionist fighters. The report also states that the attackers have used sophisticated weapons such as the AK47 and M1, which is a first since the start of clashes in English-speaking areas.

Elements of the Daouda Charles Presidential Guard, and a certain Njikam were wounded in the head while Constable Njipita Frank and two others were wounded in the leg and belly. They were rushed to Mbingo Hospital. Reports indicate that secessionist fighters managed to seize two M21 rifles and ammunition from the army during the attack.

These new acquisitions are fearing the worst in the rank of the army where the bloody secessionist attacks are already creating waves.

A few months ago, secessionist activists established in the diaspora had initiated a fundraising operation such as "My trip to Buea" or "Operation AK47" to equip secessionist armed groups.