Friday, March 29, 2019

Opinion: There are reasons why I will always support the Ambazonian Interim Government

Comrades we have already won a big part of the war. What is left is the final battle to chase the terrorists out of our land. If we are still here it is due to the shallowness and emptiness in the quality of youths we have in the diaspora. The youths at home have stood up to show us their resolve and strengths, they have sacrificed even with their lives for us to be free.

In the diaspora we have empty noise making, ego pumping, loud sounding and conspiracy theories youths. They talk big, write big big grammar with nothing to show. They hide their emptiness in complaints on why they cannot sacrifice even a meager $10 per month for the freedom of their land and people. They look for dirt and cover the place with noise to soothe their egos. They pretend to know it all and seeking for justification on why they cannot do it all or just a little bit.

Their worth is the size of their car and houses, the whisky they drink or the brand of the clothes they wear. What a waste of the type of youths we have been punished with in the diaspora. Some of them even have the audacity to complain about the greedy elders and seniors. They move around organizing zoom conferences every week but end up with resolutions they cannot and would not implement.

Their brand of activism is writing and debating on social media. If our youths in the diaspora were just even 10 percent as committed or effectively engaged as those at home, we would be telling a different story, singing a different song today about our revolution. So sad. Very very SAD

Christmas Ebini