Friday, March 8, 2019

Operation Sparrowhawk: Mouthé Ambassa names new arrests

The indictment of Alain Mebe N'go was predictable according Mouthé ambassa RDPC militant, well known for his positions judged objective by several Cameroonians speaking on the subject.

He suggested that the arrest of Cameroon's former defense minister is the beginning of a long arrest list of those he calls; "White-collar thieves."

"Before Mebe Ngo'o there were some who were very powerful .But today they are all in jail. There are those who believe themselves superior to others, they crush the weakest, but they will all go there. The arrests, will not stop. He predicts.

The misappropriation of public goods in Cameroon has reached alarming proportions according to the National Anti-Corruption Commission. A constant that he shares.

"The diversion level of public property in our has reached an internship where we have to build hundreds of prisons to catch everyone. When you have an official who receives 100 thousand CFA francs but leases a 300-mile house where does he find that money? He asks.

According to the CPDM militants, in addition to the arrests started under Operation Sparrowhawk, he also proposes that any financial operation in Cameroon should be done by bank transfer.