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Friday, March 22, 2019

Nkongsamba: strong tensions in the ranks of the CPDM

On the eve of the municipal, legislative and regional elections, and the 34th anniversary of the Cameroonian People's Democratic Rally (CPDM), celebrated on March 24, the ruling party is in trouble in Nkongsamba. Between resignations of activists, tensions in the town halls, the sons of Nkongsamba now want to take control of their destiny.

In the presidential election of October 7, 2018, the CPDM obtained nearly 77% of the vote in the Moungo Department, of which Nkongsamba remains an important stronghold. It was then believed that all the evils that had previously undermined the atmosphere within the party were but an old memory. That no ! The party of Paul Biya has just fallen back into its sempiternels through. Consequence: several local caciques of the party have just to throw in the towel. It is on February 10, 2019 that René Fengyep said "Féré", one of the great operators that counts Nkongsamba, seized the hierarchy of the party and shows his intention to slam the door. The community leader Bazou de Nkongsamba, municipal councilor at Nkongsamba Town Hall 3rd, accuses the "barons of the regime" in the Moungo "of negative influence". There followed a wave of resignations, including that of former deputy RDPC deputy Fabrice Tchoumen.

In Nkongsamba 1st, its mobilization force is not negligible. In 2013, he put in difficulty the mayor of the commune of Nkongsamba 1st, El Hadj Oumarou, during the municipal elections. Councilor Félix Mbella, a former deputy MP for the CPDM, as François Mbiankeu, one of the political figures in the city of Nkongsamba, also slammed the door. Joseph Kamsu, president of the CPDM branch no longer finding driving forces in the ranks of the party, has also ended his membership of the ruling party. Resignations that "will have a huge blow on the activities of the ruling party in Nkongsamba". While the CPDM hierarchy in the Moungo tends to relativize all his resignations, Christophe Fouenang, treasurer at the CPDM Moungo-Nord, thinks that "the atmosphere is not the same since then". Malaise in the town halls of Nkongsamba 1st and 2nd, the "fire" is almost burning. El Hadj Oumarou and Thomas Wandji are undesirable. If one of the reasons remains their origins, the one being of the North and the other of the West-Cameroun, their balance sheets also challenges.

In Nkongsamba 1st, since the arrival of the mayor El Hadj Oumarou, the locality does the spot. If the communal executive stands out in its support to schools, it goes without saying that the development of roads remained a puzzle. And there, we have almost no progress. From the city center towards the Hausa district, to Eboumbeng, the sons of Nkongsamba remain stunned, yet each of the mandates of beautiful promises are made.Announced several times, the construction of several roads has still not started.Initially, El Hadj Oumarou promised to revive urban transport. Just a few months of life, and then everything stopped. It will be learned that the bad pay conditions of the communal drivers have left the project this project. For some natives: "Only the children of Nkongsamba can understand the interest of modernizing their city", one hears here and there. The same desolation is noticeable in Nkongsamba 2nd, where reigns Thomas Wandji, the former delegate of the Moungo Basic Education Department.

Lack of electricity, lack of roads, apart from the one leading to City Hall, the only improvement of the locality. Their financial comforts, we learn, "have the merit of bribing people to approach and during elections. Because we must note that our people are still not aware of the interest in making decisions, "informs a city councilor. If the actions of Elyse Essamé, mayor of Nkongsamba 3rd and regional delegate of the Littoral Basic Education militate in his favor, but the militants of this constituency do not want any more.They maintain that "to successfully manage the city council without sharing, she took care in passing to exclude municipal councilors who could be an embarrassment for her. Now that this mandate is about to expire, she thinks she can give herself a good conscience by returning to those she despised yesterday. "


The natives of the West of the country represent the greatest politico-social force in the three districts of Nkongsamba. Only, cohabitation within this community is not good. And this is one of the party's caciques who recently came out of his reserve: "I believe that they are opportunists, who in search of their electorate that they have misunderstood, want to continue to create the division and fish in troubled waters, in order to benefit from the support of theirs, "Christophe Fouenang loose in the columns of the newspaper Scores 2000. Influential member of the section CPDM MoungoNord, he is against the attitude of his brothers in the West. "The politics of painsardine, rice, and salt are just mockery. Our foreign politicians must change their mentality, stopping Nkongsamba from becoming a cash cow ... Today, the city is going through a socio-political crisis that many of our political actors are responsible for. I invite the responsible militants, the CPDM militants and the people of Nkongsamba to a vote of sanction and to trust new leaders with whom it would be necessary to define consensually another road map, "says Christophe Fouenang, who is no longer a campaigner. favor of several friends of yesterday. For the latter, it is time to change leadership because "politicians deceive President Paul Biya and the nation in Nkongsamba. We must mobilize to restore the truth, no offense to a few privileged who are the care of those who want to renew their mandates. In other words, the next elections are crucial for the future of the Moungo.

Source: Benchmarks No. 720