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Saturday, March 2, 2019

NGORO: the people reported Mayor KOUTA to Paul Biya

In a letter to President Paul Biya, they express their frustrations and demand an investigation by the specialized services to shed light on the management of the City Council.

"We are deeply shocked by the harmful and execrable behavior of Mayor KOUTA Faustin, who strays against the tide, of the politics of the great opportunities and the complicit silence of our elites who let him do so without complaining. These terms contained in the correspondence of the populations of the locality of Ngoro, sufficiently demonstrate the throbbing pain which pierces the hearts of the inhabitants.

Systematic repression

In light of the letter, Faustin Kouta's numerous slippages are likely to provoke a social crisis in Ngoro, if nothing is done urgently to remedy the situation prevailing in the municipality. Highlighting his social position, the mayor misses no opportunity to martyr all minds who dare to criticize his calamitous and clan management at the head of the Commune of Ngoro.

We learn that Ngoro is totally abandoned.The roads, the market, the District Hospital, the Public School, the General High School, the Technical High School and other infrastructures are in a state of advanced decrepitude. Heavy accusations weigh on the person of the Mayor.According to the population, the municipal agents inflict inhuman treatment on the taxpayers of the Ngoro district on behalf of the Mayor.

Division within the CPDN

The people of Ngoro believe that Faustin Kouta was forced back to the head of the commune. "People to this day think that KOUTA Faustin has been imposed on them as mayor. Worse still, the CPDM is in tatters because of this hold-up and especially counterproductive acts of the municipal executive that negatively impact populations ... ", reads. The tug of war between the mayor and the people is steadily increasing.