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Friday, March 15, 2019

New letter of Michele Ndoki from kondengui to the people

To my daddy, to my sisters, daughters and mothers to

my younger brothers, to my sons,

today is another day we must sun the sky is high, we see only a small piece. deprive of the beauty of the sky!

I wear today as I will now wear the T-shirt you gave me, which bears the faces of freedom.

All these people, these little hands, these great ladies, these beautiful elders that we want to subdue, corrupt, lie that can we respond to so much injustice, heaviness, anger of fear?

Smile as if you were filmed, Smile even through your tears, Smile that smile is the last thing they will take, that it warms you up, illuminates your face and all around you that it touches and disarm the ignorant the proud and the coward who believes that strength and injustice can triumph.

You are my strength, my inspiration, the reason I keep going. You give me more, so much more than I deserve, I poor woman sometimes too stubborn. Of course I'm good take care of you what does not kill us makes us stronger, we are alive.

We are Cameroon country of light.

Reporter: Michele Ndoki