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Friday, March 1, 2019

Ndoki Arrest: Achille Mbembe challenges the international community

In response to the arrest of one of Cameroon's opposition figures, Michelle Ndoki Sonia, the Cameroonian philosopher, political scientist and historian Achille Mbembe, in the face of growing political repressions perpetrated by the "despotic Government" of Paul Biya, draws the attention of "what is called the international community" and makes a small wink to France.


There are things happening in this country that now require the full attention of the so-called 'international community', if an entity of this kind really exists.

To the hundreds of political prisoners who languish in the regime's jails - the largest number after Egypt and the Sudan - is added the lawyer Michelle Ndoki, probably one of the most representative women of the seed burst face to one of the most brutal and venal satrapies on the continent.

We will return to this question in a text addressed to the French authorities, which will appear this week on AOC.


The lawyer Michelle Ndoki joins in prison not less than 150 cadres and militants of the Movement for the rebirth of Cameroon (MRC), among which Professor Maurice Kamto, leader of this political formation. A repression that for many stems from a desire of the Biyaiste regime to silence all the voices of protest, all dissident approaches.

However, Western chancelleries and France in particular remain particularly silent in the face of this escalation in the number of "political prisoners" in Cameroon, in the name of a refusal of any interference in the "private affairs" of the Cameroonian state.