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Friday, March 22, 2019

MRC case: Party activist reveals the sacrifices made by Kamto and Co.

In quintessence, he reiterated the determination of all those who share the ideology of Professor Maurice Kamto, second with 14%, far behind the President of the Republic Paul Biya, after the presidential election of 07 October 2018.

Their action and, according to Christian Marcel, their imprisonment is the process that will lead to the deliverance of Cameroon. He and his comrades are incarcerated as part of the march organized by this political party on January 26, 2019, both nationally and internationally.

That it is clear for Yaoundé.

We political detainees Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon kidnapped and then arbitrarily detained in the central prison of Yaoundé, never negotiate and never negotiate our release with anyone, let alone with the so-called leaders still tendentiously clinging to power in our country.

The sycophancy maintained at this time by lazy and thieves out of the hierarchy of what takes the place of government and also the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People, is a well thought out strategy to make believe the opinion that President Kamto Maurice would be tempted to negotiate his release and those of his supporters. All this is archi false!Kamto wants to meet Biya to talk about the future of the republic and the future of the children of this country.

We understand that for these vampires, the Republic always takes second place.They think only of their little person why they are limited when it comes to typically republican contingencies.

So we are ready to stay here in jail as long as it takes, maybe the rest of our lives, but we guarantee that the Republic will be delivered very soon. We therefore accept to be sacrificed for the cause.

Let our imprisonment, see our life sentence, be the price to pay.

Do not worry anymore for us, we are here for a better tomorrow for the Republic of Cameroon, for you and your children, for our children. The history of humanity teaches globally that change is often very poorly perceived even on the side of the oppressed.

This axiomatic reality leads us to forgive those Cameroonians who mockingly taunt us since we were taken hostage.

Long live a prosperous Cameroon! Long live a unified Cameroon! Long live the Republic!