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Friday, March 15, 2019

Ministry of Finance: Louis Paul Motaze launched new audit

The information is taken from the Ministerial Note signed by Finance Minister Louis Paul Motaze.

The mission note of the Minister of Finance (MINFI), concerns the officials of its central services. These frameworks have as their watchwords to investigate in the various sectors and sub-sectors of the Cameroonian customs, to shed light on what is said around these customs.

The letter of Louis Paul Motaze comes at the right moment, when the complaints against the Cameroonian customs services had already filled up on his table.The daily L'Epervier in newsstands this March 14, 2019, informs that, "the Cameroonian customs is regularly indexed in the reports of the National Commission Anti-Corruption (CONAC), among the most corrupt administrations in Cameroon".

Inspectors from the Ministry of Finance were put on missions for 75 days. They have the pass of all the customs services of the national territory. These investigative teams are authorized to have access to all budget, financial and accounting documents, as well as anything that may interest them during their mandate.

According to Louis Paul Motaze's mission note, the MINFI teams were put on missions because of reports that "a system of fraud, consisting in diverting customs duties through the circulation of parallel receipts, with the complicity of the Treasury services ". The minister had a duty to do everything possible to stop this financial haemorrhage that handicaps the treasure of Cameroon.

MINFI's intervention is in line with the reflection on the harmonization of actions between tax and customs administrations, countries of ECCAS (Economic Community of Central African States). The commitment of these countries aims to work together to maximize the mobilization of their internal resources.