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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Michelle Ndoki Arrest: Habiba Issa's message to all women

In a statement released yesterday, the President of the Union of the Populations of Cameroon (UPC) and the platform for the salvation of the republic, Habiba issa, calls the women to protest for the release of Me Michelle Ndoki, arrested and imprisoned in the framework of the "white march" of 26 January. The woman politician also accuses the regime in place of violating the rights of women.

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Cameroon is definitely the country where all crimes against women can be committed without moving the ruling class, which has finally swallowed it down to the abyssal depths of the abyss. We still have this dramatic outdoor surgery of Miss Monique Koumatekel who lost her life to give life.

Until recently, we saw the army firing, supposedly by passing flash balls that reached the lawyer Michelle Ndoki while she was participating in a white march. Then again, his arrest and detention under unlawful conditions marked a serious breach with a setback in the expression of fundamental freedoms, though guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 10 December 1948 and our Basic Law.

It is therefore urgent to recall that the woman deserves respect and dignity and to witness the national and international public opinion on the violation of women's rights in a country where rape, the phenomenon of women abducted, mutilated and killed with Sale of organs is constantly taking an exponential curve.Even politically women are embellished by a regime that flouts all promotion of women.

By way of illustration, no woman was able to stand in the presidential election because of the maneuvers of Minat Atanga Nji who in her phallocracy decided to suspend Habiba Issa elected President of the UPC, Kah Walla elected President of the CPP.

With this in mind, I call on the Cameroonian government to stop violating the rights of women and, in turn, I call for the immediate release of Michelle Ndoki because the woman's place is not in her cell. It is also a call that I send to all the women to show their legendary solidarity momentum for a mobilization for their liberation. "

Habiba issa President of the UPC National President of PLASARE (platform for the safety of the republic)

Happy birthday in remorse to all women.